8 Ultimate Modern Wall Decor Ideas With Plants

8 Ultimate Modern Wall Decor With Plant For Better Looks 

Homiful.com -- Explore a whole new world of decor with exciting creative ideas to visually enhance your space! Make the most of empty walls with decorations--and houseplants, too! Bring your space to life with these 8 Ultimate Modern Wall Decor Ideas With Plants For Better Looks.

Creative Modern Dots


This first idea is perfect for young people who are looking for creative ideas for room decoration. This design of dots connected by lines has a modern creative look! You can add houseplants behind the dots, from easy ones like succulents, to vines that will dangle beautifully!

Get Fun With Macrame


Then, you can use macrame for wall decoration. This decoration is perfect for those of you who want a rustic or vintage concept. The tufted design of macrame can be combined with wooden board to make a shelf that can hold other decorations and also a pretty little pot!

Using Branch For Hanging Pot


An interesting idea by utilizing a tree branch for room decoration. This stick is hung and used as a place to hang potted houseplants. A perfect look with a distinctly natural feel!

Minimalist Wall Shelf


This idea is the most common and widely used decoration idea. The outboard shelf design on the wall is indeed timeless. There are many types of materials that you can use, in this room itself using wood with a simple and minimalist model. Pair it with white or terracotta pots and you're good to go!

Clear Glass Bottle


Apart from using pots, you can also try the method of growing houseplants with water! Use a clear glass bottle, so you can see the progress of your plants more clearly! Arrange them neatly on the wall and you'll have a super creative and unique decoration!

Peg Board For More Fun 


Peg boards aren't just for your workspace, hanging tools, or work plans. You can explore more uses of this board for something more creative! This hanging plant decoration with peg board could be a good idea! You can change the layout more freely, without the need to repair and drill new holes in the wall again.

DIY Hanging Pots


You can also try to be creative with items that you may not use anymore. There are tons of DIY tutorials for various plant pot ideas, so you can customize your own! You can also use it as a reference and make something new again!

Plants Behind Couch


This last idea is perfect if you love the look of a lush forest. Apart from placing houseplants on a wall shelf, you can also place them behind the couch like this. The look of the couch and the room becomes more lush and shady with a refreshing natural vibe!

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