8 Pro Tips for Growing Poinsettias Year-Round After Christmas

Homiful.com -- Now that the holidays are past, all that's left in your home is a lovely poinsettia that added a festive touch. What next? Should you keep it? And, if so, how will you ensure that it grows and gets the center of attention again after fall and Christmas? Well, these Poinsettia Care Tips can help you out!

Start with Pruning


Your poinsettias will appreciate a little trim after the holidays. But here's the catch! Wait until the display of magnificent red bracts is gone, which should be sometime in January. The idea is to do it gently, reducing it to only 30% of the entire height.

Adjust the Light


The next step is to take care of the sunshine that it gets. Find a location where the plant receives bright, indirect light. If it is stored in a dark location in your house, gradually expose it to more light. A north- or east-facing window is ideal. Avoid intense direct sunlight, which can burn the foliage. Remember, it's like finding a new home for your poinsettia where it feels at ease.

Maintain Proper Temperature


To keep your poinsettia happy, keep the temperature around them steady and not too cold. A warm and comfortable environment with your radiator between 60-75°F (15-24°C) turned on will do the trick. Also, keep it away from drafts and quick temperature changes, so don't leave your window open in the winter when you go for work.



Never overwater this Euphorbia after Christmas, or at any other time. Only do it until the top of the soil is dry to the touch. Poinsettias dislike placed in water-logged soil and don't need constant moisture.



Remember the area we said in the second point, where the plant is happy to the right amount of sunlight? When you notice it loving it and actively growing, it's time to start feeding it! When you see any growth in early or mid-spring, begin using a balanced, liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks after diluting it to 1/4 to 1/2 of its suggested strength.

Re-pot If Required


While it's best to keep this plant slightly root-bound, if your poinsettia has outgrown its container (when you see roots popping out from the drainage hole at the bottom or on the topsoil), re-pot it in the spring (in one size larger pot than the older one - but not far more!).

Encourage Bushier Growth


To maintain your plant bushy and lush over the summer, gently pull back the growth tips. This promotes side shoots and a rich, compact structure.

Last Secret Tips For Next Year


While poinsettias require a lot of light during the day, plants really flourish in full darkness at night. From late September to early December, around 12-14 hours of uninterrupted darkness every night foster the formation of the special red bracts. So, if you want to achieve such vivid hues next Christmas season, create a dark, comfortable hideaway for your poinsettia throughout the recommended time period.

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