5 Best Ways to Make a Wandering Jew Bushy and Bigger

5 Best Ways to Make a Wandering Jew Bushy and Bigger 

Homiful.com -- Wandering Jew is the common name for a variety of Tradescantia species. Because of their eye-catching multicolored leaves, these plants look stunning in hanging planters or in any area of your house that could use a dash of color.  These varieties are strong, grow fast, and require minimal care and maintenance, so they're perfect for even beginner gardeners. 

Trick to Make Wandering Jew Bushy


Instead of merely pinching (which you should still do) or cutting the tips, go a bit farther. Individual stems should be pruned selectively! Determine which plants are the leggiest or longest and trim them back a little. This lets you to keep your overall form more compact while stimulating equal denser growth.

Choose the Right Pot


Avoid using a pot that is too huge or small - getting the proper balance is important, so choose a container that is one or two sizes larger than the plant's root ball. A 6-8-inch pot is an excellent size to start young plants in. Every year, check the roots. It's time to repot if they're circling the bottom or peeking out through drainage holes and the plant appears weary. You may also divide the plant in half and replant it in its original pot.

Find a Sunshine Shade Spot


You should provide some sunshine for your Wandering Jew, but not too much. They enjoy a little early sun or soft light throughout the day. What you can do is choose a location where the plant will receive 2-4 hours of direct morning sunshine and indirect light the rest of the day. 

Plant Multiple Cuttings in the Same Container


Don't throw away the cuttings when you've finished trimming the plant! Make the most of them by propagating them in the same pot! This will result in multiple plants in the same pot, making them all look as one, giving the look of a very old bushy instance.

Fertilize It


During the growth season, give your Wandering Jew food by diluting the balanced liquid fertilizer to 1/4 strength and feeding the plant. To make your plant seem more shiny, spray the foliage with Epsom salt solution once every two weeks.

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