Tips On How To Care for Your Houseplants in Winter - Winter is coming! And now here we will talk about caring for houseplants in winter. You don't need more effort than usual to care for them. Because most houseplants will enter dormant or they will pause to grow. And yes, it's time for you all to relax because the plant does not need us for a while. Below are little details about caring for houseplants in winter.

Water them less


Indeed, when winter comes, you need to reduce the intensity of watering houseplants. Only water when their soil begins to dry. And it may take some time or weeks longer to water them in winter.

Move closer to the light source


When winter, the day will be shorter than usual. And this means less sunlight. You can move the houseplant closer to the light source, such as a window. Not to worry, because shorter sun hours will not burn the leaves of your houseplant.

Stop feeding, cause they don't need it


Feeding on plants occurs when they are in the growing period. And in winter most plants stop growing (dormant). So, you don't have to feed them. Do feeding when spring comes.

Keep away from draughts and radiators


Houseplant is not very fond of winter breezes and hot radiators. It does seem a bit fussy and difficult because they like a consistent temperature. So you should not put them right next to radiators or draft doors/windows.

Enjoy the rest


When in a dormant period, plants are in a state of sleep to conserve energy. And you may encounter fallen leaves. Don't worry, they do it because they don't need the leaves. And don't be tempted to flush them because it will be fatal. 

And for the rest, let them rest because they can take care of themselves. This will be fine, you can only help them recharge so that they can enter a new life when the warm period returns.

That are Tips On How To Care for Your Houseplants in Winter present to you. Thank you for reading this article, and I hope you can inspire by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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