Spider Plants Problem and How To Fix It

 Homiful.com - Spider plants are popular ornamental plants and are easy to care for. They are one of the annual ornamental plants and have a neat appearance and have many benefits. In its growth, you must encounter some problems from the spider plant. Below we will describe some of the problems experienced by spider plants and how to overcome them.

Root rot


One of the problems that is often experienced is root rot. This is due to overwatering. To overcome this problem, you can start removing plants from the pot. Then clean the new pot that has holes for drainage. And further, transplant the plant into a new pot. Be sure to water the plant properly and do it when the topsoil is dry. Ensure the pot has good drainage so that the water drains smoothly and does not settle.

Curling leaves


Furthermore, the problem faced by spider plants is leaves curling. This is due to improper water or light levels and also pest attacks. Overcome by providing enough water and arranging the right lighting so that the spider plant grows well.

Falling leaves


For the problem of falling leaves faced by spider plants, you can overcome it by pausing watering on spider plants. Then provide a sufficient supply of indirect sunlight. When carrying out watering, make sure that the soil dries out first.

No new growth


If you've had spider plants long enough and they have no new growth, the possible cause is unbalanced temperature and light. In addition, it can also be caused due to excessive fertilization of plants and overcrowded roots. Overcome by placing the plant in a brighter area. Use the pot in the right size and stop excessive fertilization.

Turning brown leaves and droopy plant


One of the causes of spider plants experiencing Brown leaves and droopy plants is too much sunlight. And also they experience underwatering as well as high chlorine in water. The solution to this problem, you can keep the spider plant environment moist and immediately do watering. If necessary, you can do repotting so that the plant is saved.

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