Secret Care for Your Lovely Spider Plants -- Spider plants are known for being easy to care for and do not require difficult cultivation. However, proper care must be taken to keep the spider plant in good condition. First, remove the plant from the container, which most likely contains a large number of root balls. Here are some specific to help you get started and grow with spider care.

Planting a spider plant

Begin by removing the plant from the plastic container after it has emerged from the seedling. Use permanent plantings with flowing drainage to prevent air circulation, which could cause the soil to rot. Do not over water the spider plant and add the orchid bark to the bottom of the pot.

Indoor spider plant maintenance

Indoor spider plant cultivation is simple. This plant requires morning sunlight one to two hours before sunset. This prevents the plant from burning, rotting, or crumbling. Turn the pot on a regular basis to ensure that the plant receives adequate and complete sunlight.

Take not of the sun light

Spider plant dislike bright to moderate sunlight. However, this plant can survive in the absence of sunlight. You can store under certain condition with special watering, watering only the soil when it is between wet and dry .

Keep an eye on the watering

As previously stated spider plants dislike a lot of water so much that it can cause the plant to die. Allow 2 inches for the ground to completely dry. This plant requires more watering in the spring and summer, but it is still scheduled.

How to protect spider plants from common issues

Browning leaves are a common problem that can occur in houseplant, including spider plants. This can be caused by overwatering or by using tap water. You can use distilled water instead. In the winter, do not prune the plant because it is dormant and requires chlorophyll to survive. If the plant's leaves are completely wilted, it may not be salvageable, but you can wait for it for the next 10 days.

What should be done about the baby spider plant?

Spider plants will produce offspring, which we recommend leaving if grown indoors. This puppy spider plant can be replanted in a container filled with well-drained soil. If you want to make the pot denser, plant this puppy in the same pot as well. Grow in soil with well-drained soil rather than hydroponically.

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