How to Propagate Spider Plants | By Using Top 3 Methods

 Homiful.comSpider plants or Chlorophytum comosum have many benefits and much to like. Besides being easy to maintain, they are also easy to propagate. And this propagation itself is very easy and not difficult so it is friendly for children. They need only drained soil, indirect light, and moderate watering.

Propagation tips


Some of the following tips may be able to help you in caring for and propagating spider plants. The best time to propagate spider plants is during spring and summer. Because in this season they enter the growing season.

You can grow them in any method, but not by growing from leaf cuttings. When growing indoors, these warm-weather perennials love warm temperatures and humid air. They do not tolerate temperatures below 50 F.

Spider plants require regular watering, preferring moist but not soggy soil water at least once a week. Just less watering during the late fall or winter. They also prefer light shade or bright, indirect light.

Water method


For the method of water propagation, you must first prepare a clean jar or container. Then fill the jar with water.

In addition to preparing jars, you can start collecting cuttings of spider plants. And once collected, put the cutting into the jar. Place it in the indirect sunlight area and wait for the roots of the cuttings to appear.


In the process, you can change the water when it starts to get cloudy and replace it with new water. After the roots on the cuttings of spider plants appear, you can begin to transplant them into the soil medium that has been in the pot.

You can start planting new spider plants in pots that have been filled with soil and place them in indirect sunlight. They will grow well and chic.

Potting method


The second method is propagation by potting. You can start preparing cuttings of spider plants, soil, pots, and tools. First, clean up your tools. This tool serves to cut spider plants that will be propagated. Then fill the pot with soil.

Next, plant your cutting in the pot with soil. When you're done, place them in indirect sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight because it can burn spider plant leaves and can also block them from growing properly.

Stolon method


We have come to the last method in the propagation of spider plants. This method is the easiest because it occurs naturally and is just like spider plants that grow wildly out there. Spider Plant sets new stolons that will be covered with soil, they will take root, and stolons will break or break off. 

Then it spreads asexually. And for this method step, first, you can start filling the pot with soilless seed starting mix. use a pencil or other to make a hole that is only as deep as the tiny starter roots.

 Then start planting your cutting in the hole. maintain the moisture. The mother plant will still be nurturing the spiderette white its rooting. 

So, your primary concern is keeping the starting mix moist. begin to separate your plants when they show new growth.

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