Create a Refreshing Jungle Ambience with These 7 Lush Tropical Plants

Create a Refreshing Jungle Ambience with These 7 Lush Tropical Plants -- Plants brought into the home are a perfect choice, there are many benefits that are useful for both the owner and the environment. Especially if your plant has a big and tall look. The atmosphere of your room will be more natural, exotic and refreshingly tropical!

Cactus And Succulent


Cactus and succulent plants are one of the types that are very easy to care for. There are many different types, each with its own uniqueness and beauty. Starting from small, medium to large and flowering ones like this. Even though it's just a cactus, if cared for properly, it will be lush and can be a focal point for your space.



Next up is the philodendron plant. The heart-shaped appearance with a dark green color will give your room more character. It's an easy-to-care-for, fast-growing plant. This plant also has quite a lot of different types that you can choose from.



Alocasia is a tropical plant that has many different types. One of them is alocasia frydek above. With this gorgeous look that makes it very popular and in demand even by beginners.

Ficus Plant 


Ficus lyrata is a type of rubber plant that can be grown indoors and grows well in pots. When fully grown, this plant can reach up to 50 feet tall in its habitat. It is suitable for areas with direct or bright light such as south-facing windows.

Palm Plant


Needless to say, palm plants are the type that can create an immediate tropical effect for your room. These attractive, leafy leaves can grow quickly up to 30-6 cm per year. These lush-looking plants are easy to maintain, even if you forget to water them regularly.

Elephant Ear Plant


With the appearance of large leaves, there is no doubt that this plant will make a tropical room look like a shady forest. Large leaves with a heart shape and clearly visible leaf veins, are the characteristics of this gorgeous plant. 

Bird of Paradise


Who doesn't know this exotic plant? Bird of paradise is one of the plants in the banana family. This beautiful plant has a tall and lush appearance with the bonus of attractive flowers that look like birds. Although it tends not to be difficult to care for, you need to pay attention to things like light, humidity and the temperature of the surrounding area to keep this plant happy and healthy.

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