Peace Lily Care - Do Your Peace Lily Like to be Root Bound -- Tropical plant that are beautiful and have quite a lot of benefits at home are peace lily. Originating from America and the Southeast, peace lily is easy to maintain but when caring for it, you will have enough difficulty maintaining health and beauty.

Some people need guidance to take care of peace lily who do need to think about many things. To keep it healthy, you can take care of it all the time. To keep it healthy is that you require treatment with the root system. There are several things you need to know when you want to have this plant and make it grow rooted.

Make sure to provide good water

When you star developing peace lily and want to speed up the spathes. Make sure to provide good drainage, to increase the effectiveness of the plant while at the bound root stage.

Root-bound plants will easily absorb water, as well as eliminate the possibility of root rot.

It will be easy to grow new shoots

You need to know, when peace lily is tied to roots. This plant will divert its energy to easily grow new children. It needs important attention when placing plants in larger containers, as they can cause standing water and grow new plants.

Important things to remember

When you make a lily with rounded roots, if the roots seep out through the drainage hole, and leaves begin to turn yellow, this is new signs under the lily needing to be transplanted.


When you are going to drain the plant from the container, loosen the root ball in the existing container. Prune the damaged roots and prepare to move the plant to a new pot that was larger before.

Plant roots that are separated from the container, you can clean from the soil first. It will look clean and neat like this.






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