How To Growing and Care Sugar Rush Stripey - Part of new varieties, Sugar Rush was first bred in Finland around 2010. And because the creator liked and was fascinated by the sweetness of a particular C. baccatum, he named this plant or veggies with Sugar Rush. The botanical name is Sugar Striped Baccatum. Here, we will share anything that we know about this pepper.

The appearance


At a glance, it looks like pepper and chili. Sugar Rush before ripening, the pods simply appear pale yellow or a light peachy color. When fully ripe, they have a deep orange color with a vertical red stripe. The stripes range from pencil-thin to very thick and typically run the entire length of the skin.

Flavor of Sugar Rush Stripey


Because Sugar Rush is the new varieties of pepper, so, they have a flavor that is quite similar to pepper, but it's a variety with a better taste. The flavor it's like sweet, crunch, and fairly hot.



In terms of heat, Sugar Rush Stripey is no slouch. The peppers pack a good punch, similar to other spicy C. baccatum varieties. On the Scoville scale, Sugar Rush Stripey likely falls between 25.000 and 50.000 SHUs.

Growing Sugar Rush Stripey


Similar to other C. baccatum, Sugar Rush Stripey tends to take longer to fully mature. And in the very first ripe pepper came about 6 months after planting the seeds. This plant can grow very tall measuring about 5 feet tall in a pot.


To start growing, from seeds, place them indoors for a week or two. Giving them a bit of a heat to start. Make sure to plant them in the growing season.


If the seed outgrow their small pots, you can transplant up into a container. Move them outdoors about 1-2 weeks after the last frost. Or when the nighttime temperatures are consistently above 55 F degrees. Get feed container plants with a consistent fertilizer, typically every 1 to 2 weeks.

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