Decorate with Indoor Plants : 6 Best Houseplants for Home - Having houseplants as decoration in your dwelling brings more comfort. They create a calm atmosphere, pleasant atmosphere, reduce stress, and increase creativity. There are many varieties of houseplants that you can try for your dwelling. And here, we have some houseplants that are best for your living.

Lucky bamboo


Lucky Bamboo is one of the most popular houseplants and the most powerful Feng Shui. As the name suggests, which symbolizes luck, this indoor plant is suitable for use as decoration at home or office. And they are also good enough to grow in appearance either petite or large.



Often succulents have a cute appearance with a petite appearance. However, there are also some succulents that have a large appearance. It depends on how you care for and arrange it. 

Succulents are also one of the houseplants that are very easy to grow and suitable for beginners. To note, succulents can grow in a variety of climates and they can also be cooling home conditions.

ZZ plants


Often found, ZZ Plant is one of the beautiful houseplants and can improve the aesthetics of the room. The shape of the leaves is oval and lined up along the stem and rigid, giving it an elegant appearance. ZZ plant itself has the benefit of being able to remove or filter toxins and being able to absorb CO2 in the air.



Perhaps you have often heard of and seen this most popular plant. Sansevieria is one of the adaptable plants. They can survive in dry and humid conditions. They have the benefit of being able to absorb toxins and can also release oxygen at night.



Having a myriad of benefits, herb plants are also suitable for use as decorations which can improve the aesthetics and freshness of a room. There are many types of herb plants that you can try to grow at home. Such as mint, basil, and so on.



The beautiful and elegant appearance makes Alocasia have many fans. One characteristic of Alocasia plants is that they have prominent veins on their wide leaves. And the diverse color of the leaves makes Alocasia more beautiful and more lively.

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