Are Kalanchoe and Calandiva in the Same? - Many people love Kalanchoes and Calandiva. But sometimes they get confused because they look similar to each other. Despite this, they can both be identified based on their differences and similarities with this article below.

Differences: Origin


Having the botanical name Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, this species can be said to be the parent plant. Kalanchoes plants were discovered in Madagascar around 1926 and brought to Europe in the 1930s. Initially, this plant had red flowers, but later it was bred in different ways and produced flowers of varying colors. 

At the same time, Calandiva is a mutated plant that was discovered around 1998. This type of plant was bred in the Netherlands by Fides Goldstock Breeding.

Differences: Flower blooms


Kalanchoe plants have four petals on their flowers. The flowers of Kalanchoes have bright shades of color such as yellow, pink, magenta, and white. 

Calandiva plants come in groups and have 32 petals. The size of the flowers is smaller and looks like a small rose. Flowers on Calandiva plants have shades of white, red, and pink, a combination of pink and white, and purple and orange.

Similarities: Leaves


Indeed, these two plants have different flowers, however, they have similarities in their succulent green leaves and there are shells on the edges. They similarly have fleshy stalks that sit on top of the leaves. 

Similarities: Climactic conditions


Likewise, with climatic conditions, these two plants can grow to temperatures between 60 to 75 degrees F if indoors. And they can also be grown outdoors as long as the climate is frost-free. If they grow in cold climates, make sure the plants are planted in containers, making it easier to move indoors in the winter months.

Kalanchoes care


Not including plants that have low maintenance, you need to schedule watering and adhere to it. Water the Kalanchoe plant when the top two inches of soil are dry and make sure water flows through the hole at the bottom of the pot.

However, don't overwater it because it can cause the roots to rot. When wintering, you do not need to do as much watering as possible, only occasionally. Kalanchoe plants can be fertilized during the growing season. Just like watering, when wintering Kalanchoe plants do not need to be fed fertilizers.

Calandiva care


Calandiva plants can grow slowly 12 to 18 inches tall. This plant does not need a lot of water, you can check the soil on this plant once every one to two weeks and water it when the soil is completely dry.

And Calandiva plants can grow well when they get a lot of indirect light. So try to keep this plant away from direct sunlight.

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