7 Succulents That Easy for Beginners

7 Succulents That Easy for Beginners 

Homiful.com -- Don't worry, everyone has to start somewhere. This is a list of succulents that are both visually appealing and easy to grow for beginners. Many of these are easy to find in stores. If you can successfully care for these seven plants, you'll be ready to move on to more difficult, unique species!



Many Agave species are best suited to outdoor gardening because to their huge size. They are also highly spiky, which makes them dangerous to children and pets. 

Fortunately, some species thrive indoors as well! Look for Agave bracteosa (often confused with the non-succulent spider plant) and Agave attenuata, which are smaller and have fewer spikes.

Sedum morganianum


They are popularly known as "burro's tail" because they resemble a donkey's tail. They may take over the pot if left unchecked, so don't be afraid to trim them back. 

Put them in a hanging pot with other succulent vines! These thrive nicely in gardens, but they get a little too big to be considered for indoors.



This is a succulent classic; the ideal window plant or centerpiece. The majority of Haworthia species are colorful, eye-catching plants that come in green and white. 

Because to their similar form and hue, they are frequently mistaken with Aloe, although Haworthia do not have spines. They are not only easy to care for, but they frequently bloom and propagate themselves.



Kalanchoe is most likely the easiest plant to grow. They nearly thrive on being ignored. They grow swiftly for a succulent and require minimal care. 

When you stop watering them, plants start producing buds on the margins of their leaves that grow roots and fall off. They propagate themselves!

Aloe Vera


This was bound to happen. When we were kids, many of us had an Aloe vera plant growing on the ledge over the kitchen sink. Their sap is often used to treat minor burns and sunburns. 

What you didn't realize is that there are several Aloe kinds, all of which are easy to grow! They show a surprising amount of diversity, with spots, stripes, and speckles between their spined leaves (definitely a gorgeous succulent).



Echeveria are among the most diverse succulents known! The one thing they all have in common is their unique swirling rosette. This Echeveria is a popular choice for beginners since it is easy to find and affordable. 

They require more sunlight than the usual succulent and are sensitive to cold, therefore they must be kept in a bright window or under a grow lamp!



Crassula compacta, sometimes known as the jade plant, is a popular succulent. These plants are fantastic; they grow rapidly for succulents, propagate easily, and have a wide range of applications. 

They are excellent for landscaping, xeriscaping, and even bonsai! Jades are quite hard to kill; in case you want to propagate it, simply take a slice and replant it. 

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