7 Great Houseplants for Beginners that Hard to Kill


Homiful.com -- Having plants t  hat are difficult to die, of course, will be the main attraction for those of you who don't have much time to take care of plants intensely. You need to read more about our recommendations for plants that are difficult to kill. For that, see the following review of the 7 Great Houseplants for Beginners that Hard to Kill.

Hanging Ivy


This plant has a beautiful appearance with spiky growth and is perfect for hanging. This plant is very adaptable in various temperatures, so it can be one of the plants of choice that is difficult to die.


Ponytail Palm


This ponytail palm has a sturdy tree-like appearance, which makes it harder to die. This plant seems to dominate the room with its freshness. You can put it in the corner of the room so as not to interfere with access to the room.


Spider Plant


Discussing plants that don't die easily, of course, no stranger to the discussion about spider plants. This plant has unique leaves with white gradations so that it becomes the main attraction for anyone who sees it. This plant also has plant drops that can be replanted in another pot, making it easier to propagate.




It looks beautiful with leaves resembling coins, who would have thought if this plant can grow well and is difficult to kill. In small or large sizes, this plant has its own charm. For lighting, this plant is strong against abundant indirect light. Don't water it too often to avoid rotting stems.



Jade Plant


This jade plant is one of the most widely used houseplants as room decorations. Having thick leaves, this jade plant is classified as a succulent type, so it has easy maintenance. Water the plant when the soil is completely dry.



Aloe Vera


Apart from being a plant that is difficult to die, aloe vera also has many benefits for body care, so having it will provide many benefits for you. This plant also has easy maintenance, so it doesn't become a serious problem if it's not treated intensely at home. 



The last plant you should have is a succulent. Succulents are known to have good adaptations to the surrounding area, but prefer temperatures that have full light. You don't need to water it often because it will make it rot easily, and also don't worry about getting bored with it because there are many types of succulents.



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