7 Easy to care for Flowering Houseplants

7 Easy to care for Flowering Houseplants 

Homiful.com -- Flowering houseplants offer a layer of delight to your decor, giving color and sometimes even scent. While they may appear to be fancy, some may live with simply little care. Try brightening up the house with these flowering houseplants that require just a little care.

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana


Many succulents make great houseplants, but few look as lovely in bloom as kalanchoe. Kalanchoe, like many succulents, dislikes wet soil. Spring through October, the plant should be kept moist but winter watering should be just mild, infrequent doses. 

While kalanchoe is a gorgeous plant when in bloom, it is difficult to get it to rebloom outside of its natural zone.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum floribundum)


The peace lily is such a low-maintenance houseplant that it is ideal for the housewarming gift. It doesn't need much direct light and will tolerate irregular over- or under-watering. 

The glossy, dark green leaves are offset by white spathes or bracts that encircle the small flower clusters and like variegated leaves. The flowers are lightly scented, but you have to get near to smell it. It will bloom even in the darkest of places.

Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera x buckleyi)


Christmas cactus appears to thrive on neglect. It doesn't even need you to alter its light exposure to set buds for Christmas flowers. It has a long lifespan and propagates well from cuttings. Stem tips produce blooms with varying lengths of petals and a color palette ranging from pinks to reds. Christmas cactus grows best when put near a window. 



If you've ever grown begonias outside, you'll know that many types make great houseplants, flowering almost continue in ideal conditions. It will require a light area to bloom properly, but do not plant it too close to a window or it will be harm by the draft. 

Some of the fancier-leaved Rex begonia types are so vivid that they don't even need to be in flower. Aside from Rex begonias, check for fibrous-rooted species such as wax-leafed, angel-wing, and hairy-leafed begonias.

Clivia Miniata Lily


This amaryllis relatives grows from a bulb and, need pot binding to flower, so do not put it in a large container. Clivia, like the amaryllis, lies dormant before sending up a bloom stem. 

When it turns dormant in late October, it will require complete darkness at night. Put it in an unused closet or a cardboard box to do this. From December to April, the stalk will grow, and usual care can be resumed.

Chenille Plant (Acalypha hispida)


This tropical plant is also known as chenille and red-hot cattail. Few people can resist stroking the catkin-like fluffy, crimson blossoms. Chenille is a rapidly growing and long blooming shrub. 

Chenille plants may be planted outside in the summer and brought inside when the weather cools in the fall. It will go dormant throughout the winter, so don't feed it until new growth appears in the spring.

African Violet (Saintpaulia)


For good reason, African violets are a popular houseplant. They are popular because they do not require a dormant rest period, allowing them to bloom all year. Although they don't take much care, these little, leafy plants occasionally grow best in a container that allows for bottom watering. 

If you choose not to utilize a water reservoir, water carefully from the top, avoiding the leaves, and allow the soil dry between waterings. 

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