7 Benefits of Peace Lilies - Reason Why You Need at Home

Homiful.com -- People who like flower plants tend to put their plants in the house. In addition to decorating the room only, plant can also restore the air in the house so clean and  refreshing. This time you can choose peace lily for plants at home that have tremendous benefits. Many benefits can be obtained when using this plant for home decor. What the details are, you can find the answer why you need peace lily plants at home!

Best care that is easy to do

When you decide to choose peace lily at home, there's one lucky thing to be had. One of them is that this lily plant has easy care. Besides easy, you can take care of this plant in between busy time. Even if you forget not to water it, this plant can still survive and still thrive.

Especially if you put in the house, this plant is also able to grow without sunlight and only use light from the room. With many such conveniences, to plant peace lily is very easy and recommended for those of you who are busy in other affairs as a friend for self-refreshment.

Absorb acetone vapor

Air in the room is not necessarily free of pollutants, even product that you often use can release harmful vapors without realizing it. Such as house paint, varnish, nail polish remover to rub alcohol containing acetone and alcohol whose vapors are very dangerous for health.

The vapors can be carried by air, if you are exposed too excessively. You can have headaches to low blood pressure. To control it, this time you can put peace lily plants in the room. Place it in the corner of the room and some points if the house that can restore air in the house.

Clean the air

As explained earlier, if the air in the room is not necessarily clean and free of pollutants. The can reduce it by using ventilation and indoor plants appropriately.  According to NASA's research, peace lily in one of the effective plants to absorb benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. So you can put it in the room. By removing 60% of pollutants indoor, you can get good air to breathe by adding moisture to it.

Improve sleep quality

Almost all people suffer from insomnia and have poor sleep quality. There is one indoor plant that provides amazing effects to improve the quality of better sleep and restful sleep. In addition to providing a nice sleeping effect, peace lily plants are also very beautiful as the interior decoration of the room. It can help filter indoor air, increase humidity levels, help breathe better and can also absorb fungal spores which are common allergens.

Because of its beauty, peace lily is crowned as a calming plant that can reduce stress in the mind. This is one of the best bedroom factories, according to Feng Shui, because it can bring positive energy and peace in the room.

Home decor enhancer

Starting a new habit of having a peace lily plant with a variety of benefits is quite difficult for some people. But to consider health, peace lily plants are very beautiful to add in the interior decoration of the room. You can see the beautiful curved white bract flowers and green leaves refresh the room. Be sure to choose a decorative pot when planting to make the room look attractive. Many choices of places to put this plant. Such as on a shelf, model hanging or just lying on the floor alone without compromising the beauty of this plant.

Inhibits the growth of fungi

The higher the water in a room, will certainly allow the rapid growth of fungi. Such as bathrooms, kitchens to room that do not have too large ventilation. To solve this, you can have a peace lily and place it at a certain point, like the room above. Peace lily is besides beautiful can also inhibit the growth of fungi in a room with high humidity.

You can also reduce the growth of mold in the room by adding ventilation according to the size of the room. So that in addition to peace lily. Sunlight supply can enter the chamber through such ventilation.

Reduce spores in the air

In addition to being able to grow in damp places, fungi can also be carried away by air that can interfere with and cause various diseases. Spores carried by the air and develop in a damp place such as the bathroom will certainly be very annoying. If you are sensitive to spores, of course you can experience eye or skin irritation. Other effects can also interfere with breathing. Then you can help remove the spores by choosing peace lily plants. So that the air in the room becomes cleaner and help reduce the development of spores.

In addition to beautifying the room in the house, peace lily you can bring the office to accompany a better job and bring good luck. Another benefit, turn out peace lily can also eliminate harmful radiation from the computer and TV. Then it would be perfect if this peace lily you can make as a gift to someone special.

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