6+ Great Houseplants that Can Root in Water


Homiful.com -- Growing plants in water  is surely a fun activity to do for a beginner gardener even for kids. You no longer have to bother with messy-soils or watering plants. Because the roots can absorb nutritious water and grow well even in vase or container. 

Many plants can take root in water, even staying longer in it. This method is often used for propagation to produce the best plants. You just need pieces of stems or leaf branches and a bottle or used vase to begin with. But the first thing to do, you need to know 6+ Great Houseplants that Can Root in Water.



Chinese Evergreen


You can grow a Chinese Evergreen in water. This green leafy plant with silvery lines can grow healthy roots in a transparent vase or container. Make sure you provide the nutritious and clean water for them. Place them in medium to low light conditions to make them grow better.

N-joy pothos


Some types of pothos are proven to take root and grow in water. One of them is N-joy pothos. Make sure the roots are submerged in water, so the green leaves with a silvery pattern can grow dangling from used transparent bottles.

Spider Plants


Spider plants can be propagated with water media. You can put fresh pieces of stems into the water and let the roots grow. Spider plant can live permanently in a glass jar. Keep the water fresh by changing them every 2-3 days.

Arrowhead plant


Syngonium have an arrowhead-leaf that looks so unique and adorable. This plant is more likely to be planted in water than caladium plants. The treatment is easy, which only needs to be added water every 1-2 weeks in the container. And the roots will grow and the leaf more look stunning. 

Lucky Bamboo


Lucky bamboo is a plant that has a positive image. It is a low maintenance plant that make people love they more. Lucky bamboo prefers to live in bright light conditions with filtered sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight because it will make bamboo leaves dry out.

Monstera adasonii


Natural hollow leaves with small stems can be rooted in water. The first way to do water propagation is to prepare a monstera plant that will be cut. Cut the stems of plants that have roots, then put them in a bottle of water mixed with vitamin B. You need to change the water every once a week or when the water looks cloudy.

Phildendron lemon lime


Philodendron lemon lime has bright leaves that look so stunning in a transparent vase filled with water and aquarium rocks. You can place the stem into water. The plant will root easily in the water. When it roots you can transfer the plant into a moist soil in a larger pot.




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