Six of Low Light Indoor Plants That Thrive in Near Darkness -- Not every corner of room in the house is sunny. This is true in low-light conditions. However, low-light corners that are not well decorated also look lonely and gloomy. Luckily, we can liven them up as easily as putting indoor plants there.

Plants may suffer in low light conditions, but some plants do well in these conditions. Learn more about Six of Low Light Indoor Plants That Thrive in Near Darkness.

Fittonia/Nerve plant


Fittonia will amaze you with its small, green leaves with eye-catching veins. As the name suggests, it's a nerve plant. The plant hates direct sunlight, but it can survive in low-light conditions; its leaves will turn an intense green with slowed growth.  Just water it when the soil starts to dry.

Lady palm

Lady palm is an adaptable plant. It grows well in bright low or low-light conditions. You can place them in spots with low-light conditions. They will look elegant in a modern white pot. The lady palm will provide visual freshness and purify the indoor air.

Sago palm


The sago palm tolerates low light with good care. Even if you don't have a sunny corner, you can still choose sago palm. Keep sago palm away from your pets. All part of this plant are poisonous. You have to handle with extra care. When touched, wash your hang immediately.



Calathea can grow well in lower light levels. This tropical plant may be a little fussy, as it requires ideal humidity to thrive. You can grow calathea plants in low-light areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms.


Cast Iron Plant


It is a plant that has earned a reputation as being nearly indestructible. It has tremendous resilience in all kinds of conditions, including low-light conditions. A fuss-free plant, even without regular fertilization. When placing it indoors, occasionally dust its leaves to keep them fresh and healthy.

Snake plant


Don't miss the snake plant on your list of low-light indoor plants. These plants tolerate low-light conditions for months, but it's a good idea to give them a full day of light to keep them happy indoor. The snake plant may grow vanilla-scented flowers in a root-bound state.





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