Minimalist Design of 7 Modern Fishpond on Limited Land

 Homiful.comFish ponds or aquariums are often used as additional decorations for soothing dwellings. There are many benefits that you get by having a fish pond at home or office. Such as giving a relaxed feeling, can relieve stress, and so on. Below are some ideas for fish pond designs on limited land.

Stunning corner fishpond in front of the house


The front area of the house that is empty or there is still space can be used for fish ponds. It doesn't need to be too big, just in moderation. Or just place it in the corner area for a soothing and fresh residential accent.

Pretty fishpond near the dining room


If your backyard area is empty, or there is space near the dining room, use it as a fish pond. Minimalist design and does not take up much space, suitable for fish ponds close to the dining room area. Add a fountain for a soothing accent with the sound of gurgling running water.

Amazing small fishpond with lighting and a cute garden


Additional decoration on the fish pond can certainly increase its attractiveness and also make the design more aesthetic and eye-catching. You can add lighting in this fish pond area. There are many types of lighting that you can try, such as string lights, lanterns, standing lamps, and so on.

Safe fishpond near the kitchen with a transparent cover


The fish pond located near the kitchen sometimes makes you shudder. Besides being able to make the kitchen area dirty, it also makes it inefficient and the floor slippery due to splashing water from the pool.

No need to worry, you can still make a fish pond near the kitchen, by adding a transparent cover to the fish pond. So you will be free to see fish from above without fear of being splashed with water and the kitchen floor remains clean.

Gorgeous look of the fishpond from the kitchen's window


The kitchen directly facing the back area of the house is indeed quite good. Moreover, it is equipped with window facilities, which will allow you to see the outdoors from the kitchen. Then you can try to make a fish pond in the backyard area. And the kitchen which has a fish pond view, will certainly make you feel happy and comfortable.

Soothing fishpond with fountain and plants


Fish ponds equipped with fountains with unique and cute variations certainly make the design more chic and beautiful. You can create a garden around this fish pond for a fresh and soothing atmosphere.

Pretty elongated fishpond at the side of the house


The empty side area of the house can be used as a fish pond. The elongated design is certainly not a problem as long as you design it and arrange it neatly. Add pathways at the side of the pond for stunning and eye-catching results.

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