Mermaid Succulent Ideas: Growing Mermaid Tail Succulents

 Homiful.comThe striking appearance of a mermaid makes this mermaid tail succulent making it suitable as an ornamental plant in the home or office. The unique foliage is one of its attractions. Usually grown in tropical areas, mermaid tail succulents can tolerate light frost. Below are some ways to grow Mermaid Tail Succulents and present them especially for you.

Place and position


Mermaid succulents can grow epiphytically, by wrapping the rhizome in moistened sphagnum moss and then tying the plant to a rough-barked tree as a support. This plant can be grown in gardens or pots. Before you grow mermaid succulents, please ensure these plants grow in an area with good lighting and shade. Usually, they grow in forests that have canopy protection.



For lighting, choose a warm position with good lighting but not direct. Or place this plant in an area close to trees or rocks such as its habitat in the forest to grow better.



Choosing soil to grow Mermaid Tail Succulent is arguably easy. Choose soil with rich loam that drains freely while still holding some moisture after rainfall or watering.



Get regular watering and ensure excess drains away freely. And caring for this houseplant by keeping the soil moist but not wet, because good drainage is essential.



Feed this succulent mermaid plant with low phosphorus. Such as water-soluble or liquid plant food suitable for native plants. For the long term, you can feed with low P controlled-release fertilizer once a year.

Pest and diseases


Like plants in general, Mermaid tail succulents can be attacked by several diseases and pests. Such as aphids, scale, and mealy bugs. And to deal with it, you can cut or remove the parts affected by such diseases or pests.

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