How to Grow Unlimited Snake Plants From Leaves -- Snake plant is one of the most popular and widely owned plants. This is not without reason because snake plants are easier to adapt to the surrounding environment and have easy maintenance. In fact, snake plants can also be propagated easily, so you can have them in large quantities without having to buy them. For some ways that you can get, see the following article about How to Grow Unlimited Snake Plants From Leaves.



 Propagating snake plant


Although easy, snake plant propagation cannot be done haphazardly to get maximum results. Several ways you can do it, namely by propagation in water, soil, and also from the shoots. This is done by utilizing leaves that are regrown on the media you have chosen. And in some time, you will find it growing roots and ready to be planted.

Propagate in water


The first way you can do it is by propagation in water. Cut the snake plant leaves that grow at the base of the plant. Make an inverted V shape while cutting it. After that, prepare a container that you have filled with water and add the snake plant leaves that you cut earlier. Wait a few days for the roots to appear, and you can plant it in a pot or in water. However, you can't use this method for all types of snake plants, because for the type with beautiful patterns, it will turn it into an ordinary snake plant.

Propagate in soil


Then, the next way you can do is propagation on the ground. The steps are almost the same as the previous method. Cut the leaves of the snake plant and plant it in a new pot that you have filled with fertile soil. You will get the roots in a few days to weeks. This method will grow roots longer than the previous method.

Propagate by division


If you want your snake plant to grow with the same shape and pattern and not change your snake plant, you can use this method. The trick, separate the snake plant that has a lot of leaves. Separate the leaves and roots into several parts, which you can then plant in different pots. And, surprise! You will have a snake plant with more numbers.

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