How to Easily and Successfully Propagate Peace Lily Plants -- From several years ago until this year, the peace lily plant has been a perennial and popular ornamental plant. This plant is native to Central and South America, has white flowers, and is rich in symbolic and other benefits.

If you are a fan of this plant, simply having it is insufficient. You can multiply it to fill more space in the house. Learn how to propagate this plant to make it a house ornamental plant below.

Some things to consider when propagating peace lily plants

Peace lilies are relatively easy to grow. However, there are a few things you can do to make this plant easier to propagate. Root division can be used for water propagation to create new peace lily plants. Some levels of difficulty for propagating this plant may differ from those of other plants. You can wait for this plant to grow new roots more quickly.



Getting water-grown peace lily plants


There are several ways to propagate peace lilies. Choose between being on the ground and being considered good at both. Propagate in fresh, well drained potted lily soil. You can begin to propagate in water to a certain extent.



Is it possible to grow lilies from a single leaf?


Not being able to establish roots from leaf cuttings, including peace lilies, is a common method for home succulents. Using only root segment cuttings and a few stems of plants with healthy leaves capable of sprouting new roots. Even when root-forming hormones are used, peace lily leaves never develop roots.



How to spread your peace lily


Peace lily plants can be propagated successfully and easily using common methods. You can immerse a piece of leaf of stem in water. This is simple division method. When propagating, wear gloves because the compound calcium oxalate can irritate the skin.



The first method is to take the plant outside in an enclosed area for easy cleaning;choose plants with large, mature flowers because they respond better to splitting.

The plant should then be tilting and gently shaken to remove it from its container. Slide a spatula between the root ball and the pot. Then carefully separate the plant by hand to separate the root ball, soil, and leaf. Once separated, rinse the plant stems with water to remove the soil and roots.

Then, fill a container halfway with mixed soil and place it in the center. Allow it to heal for about a week before watering it again to allow new roots to form and absorb water.

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