Don't Waste These Kitchen Leftover, They'll Benefit to Your Garden

Don't Waste These Kitchen Leftover, They'll Benefit to Your Garden -- Sorting kitchen garbage according to its criteria is helpful. Some are organic waste that can be used rather than discarded. There are several kitchen leftovers and residues that may be used in your garden! Surprised? Don't be! Let's see how we can use them all.

Used Tea Bags and Leaves


In the garden, used tea leaves or tea bags may be useful in a variety of ways. These leaves are a great organic fertilizer and soil supplement since they contain 4.4 percent nitrogen, 0.25 potassium, and 0.24 phosphorus.

Banana Peels


Bananas, like other kitchen waste, are high in phosphorus and potassium, and their peels do the same for plants. They can be composted or used straight in the garden as an alternative for chemical fertilizers.



Because they don't decompose as quickly as others, nutshells are an ideal fit to your compost heap. They are also effective in mulch. Avoid using black walnut hulls because they contain high levels of juglone, which is toxic to many plants.

Rice Water


Rice water can be used to kill plant lice, aphids, fruit flies, flea beetles, and other pests. Rice water, according to study, is better than tap water and helps plants grow at a quicker rate. It is one of the greatest kitchen leftovers and residues to use in your garden!



Eggshells contain 37% calcium carbonate, which is a vital ingredient for plant development. Surprisingly, eggshells contain significant amounts of magnesium, potassium, iron, and phosphorus. For the best results, crush them and mix them into the growth media.

Used Coffee Grounds


This kitchen waste might do magic in your garden by enriching the soil, helping to the compost pile, and benefiting in a variety of other ways. Coffee grounds contain 2% nitrogen, and as they decompose in the soil, they improve the texture while also slowly but surely fertilizing the growth medium.

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