Bring Autumn's Indoors With These 7 Fall-colored Houseplants

Bring Autumn's Indoors With These 7 Fall-colored Houseplants -- House plants improve your home's decor all year, so why not add some fall color with some seasonal ones this season? These lovely autumn-colored houseplants can help you ramp up the warm fall emotions indoors or add some spooky factor to your home. Plus, you'll be able to keep them indoors long after the fall season has passed. 

Spider Plant


The spider plant sounds scary, but its look is far from it. Spider plants stand out by their stunning clumpy foliage, which is long and slender and either solid green or variegated white. Fun fact: spider plants were quite popular during the Victorian era, making them ideal for creating a themed haunted home this fall.



When you think of poinsettias, you usually think of Christmas, but if you saved your plant from last year, you could use it as part of your indoor fall decor! They have that lovely hue of red that instantly makes us think of autumn.

Snake Plant


We had to include the snake plant on our list because of its spooky name. Snake plants create a statement while also purifying the air. Snake plants depict "spooky" in all the appropriate ways, as a lush, plump plant with razor-sharp leaves in deep green with pale gray-green horizontal stripes.

Ornamental Eggplant 


Ornamental eggplants resemble little pumpkins; it doesn't get any attractive than that. Bright orange decorative eggplants may give a seasonal flair to your house while still being edible! 

Plant one eggplant per container and fill with well-draining potting soil to grow them in pots. Once fully grown, these adorable miniature pumpkins make fantastic complements to charcuterie dishes.



It even has a name that sounds like autumn. Crotons are a fantastic addition to any houseplant collection since they incorporate all of the seasonal autumn hues! Its green leaves occur in an infinite number of color combinations, including red, yellow, orange, and green. While many crotons like full sun, several varieties may tolerate and even prefer light shade.

Neon Pothos

The creepy crawly vining leaves of the pothos plant will sneak up on you and make you fall in love with it forever. Leaves are a heart shape with waxy and brilliant green coloring, great for bringing vibrant autumnal hues indoors. They are sometimes variegated with white, yellow, and pale green tints.

Prince of Orange Philodendron 


The fall season is defined by vibrant tones of rich orange and red, and the Prince of orange philodendron is the easiest way to incorporate such tones into your home decor! 

These autumn-colored houseplants feature rich orange bronze leaves that turn a red apple tint as they grow. When they reach full size, they have a greenish tone, comparable to the shifting hues of autumn leaves.

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