8 Cute Houseplant With Rounded Leaves

8 Cute Houseplant With Rounded Leaves 

Homiful.com -- Plants truly are the most wonderful things on this world. Because there are so many varieties with diverse features, even a book will not be able to include all of the knowledge on all of the plants in the world, because new things will be discovered every day. 

Bring home these amazing Indoor Plants with Round Leaves that not only appear beautiful but also have air-purifying qualities!

Strawberry Begonia (Saxifraga stolonifera)


A delightful perennial with round, fluffy, green leaves with silver veining. It has long, red-hued stolons that hold its leaves, and it produces little, white flowers that add to its overall attractiveness.

Four-Leaved Peperomia (Peperomia tetraphylla)


This plant's name comes from the fact that its tiny, spherical leaves grow in groups of four along its stem. It is a trailing plant that may be placed in hanging baskets or as a climbing plant with little effort.

Silver Dollar Tree (Eucalyptus cinerea)


The Silver Dollar Tree, known for its characteristic round, silvery-blue leaves, appears a crisp eucalyptus smell. When the tree is young, the foliage is round, but as it becomes older, the leaves lengthen.

String Of Turtles (Peperomia prostrata)


The String of Turtles has tiny, round leaves with intricate patterns that resemble the shells of turtles. Its cascading vines make it ideal for hanging baskets or plant shelves.

Maidenhair Vine (Muehlenbeckia complexa)


The Maidenhair Vine is a robust climbing plant with round leaves. It has tiny, round, brilliant green leaves that make a thick blanket. Because of its vine-like growth pattern, it is ideal for trellises and hanging baskets.

String Of Nickles (Dischidia nummularia)


This trailing plant, called after its round, coin-like leaves, has a cascading pattern of lustrous, green foliage. It's a great choice for hanging baskets and terrariums. 

Silver Dollar Plant (Xerosicyos Danguyi)


Plant with striking, round, blue-gray leaves that are sometimes bordered in crimson, giving it an uncommon and appealing look. The leaves are shaped like a huge silver coin, therefore the name.

Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomioides)


The Pancake Plant, commonly known as the Chinese Money Plant, has perfectly round leaves on long, thin stalks. These Plants with Round Leaves not only add to the visual attractiveness but are also said to be a symbol of good fortune and wealth.

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