7 Exotic Variants of Hoya Plants You've Might Never Know

7 Exotic Variants of Hoya Plants You've Might Never See 

Homiful.com -- Did you know that the wax plant, also known as hoya, has several varieties? Some are relatively rare, while others have unusual forms. With their varied blend of colors, textures, and forms, these enigmatic gems challenge the conventional, providing both seasoned collectors and emerging enthusiasts a taste of the extraordinary!

Hoya Mathilde


Hoya 'Mathilde' adds a splash of variegated beauty with leaves that appear to have been slowly dipped in a brighter shade of green. The creamy borders flow effortlessly into the darker green center, creating a beautiful contrast that draws the eye in.

Hoya Bella


With their small, lanceolate leaves that cascade down in a trailing habit, these rare and exotic hoya types enchant. The bright green leaves are tinted with a lighter shade along the edge and occasionally show modest variegation, giving the plant a harmonious, petite appearance.

Hoya Multiflora


The leaves of Hoya Multiflora are thin and lance-shaped, giving it a beautiful look. Under sunlight, its light green hue typically has a glossy sheen, highlighting the delicate veining and contributing to a light and airy appearance.

Hoya Imperialis


Hoya Imperialis expresses majesty with its huge leaves that may grow up to 10 inches in length. The deep green leaves are fully veined and have an almost velvety feel, giving the plant a royal robe that lives up to its imperial moniker.

Hoya Rotundiflora


The leaves of Hoya Rotundiflora are particularly striking, with their round form and expressed veins. The bold, almost sculptural appearance of the leaves lends this Hoya species a distinctive look that draws attention.

Hoya Macgillivrayi


These unique and exotic hoya variety have large, robust, and dark green foliage that provide a rich backdrop for their gorgeous blossoms. The leaf has a leathery texture and deep veins that give the plant a rich, multi-dimensional looks, expressing a sense of tropical luxury.

Hoya Wayetii


The leaves of Hoya Wayetii have a deep, dark green color that often borders on burgundy. The elongated, lance-shaped leaves are often ringed with a lighter hue, producing a frame that highlights the leaf's primary color.

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