7 Amazing Benefits & Fact of Peace Lily You Didn't Know

 Homiful.com - Peace Lily is a very popular houseplant. This elegant and luxurious appearance makes anyone fall in love with it and make it a collection at home or in the garden. However, you know, in addition to a pretty good appearance, Peace Lily also has many benefits? The review below presents you with some of the benefits and facts of Peace Lily.

Better sleep and reduced stress


Do you have a problem with sleep? Insomnia maybe? So, it good choice to place Peace Lily around your bedroom. For your information, Peace Lily supplies oxygen, filters the air, improves brain activity, and positively affects mental health.

Air purifying


As a NASA experiment, Peace Lily is one of the houseplants that can purify the air. We don't know that the room has bad pollutants like formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and more. So, it is no worse if you place this houseplant around your room to filter and purify the air. And it will give you good health.

Control sound pollution


Do you believe that Peace Lily can control sound pollution? Yes, they can control sound pollution in the interior due to their broad and thick leaves. Besides that, the leaves of Peace Lily can absorb soundwaves and echo from different sound sources. Try it at your home.

Improve the aesthetic of the space


Improve your home and office with beautiful Peace Lily. The green leaves make a fresh and soothing ambiance. And the white flowers bring elegance that makes your room look stunning.

Good feng shui


Peace Lily is perfect for Feng Shui at your home. The flower brings positive chi or energy to the room. Anyway, Feng Shui is often used to make the dwelling feel comfy and healthy and get positive energy. Feng Shui harnesses the energy to harmonize people and around by placing objects in a particular order in the living place.

Low maintenance


Another benefit you growing and caring for Peace Lily is they are part of low-maintenance plants. So, it very perfect for beginners and busy people. Peace Lily can thrive in very little sunlight. And you can water them when the topsoil is dry.

Prevent the formation of mildew


Peace Lily prevents mold and mildew formation by balancing the humidity content indoors. Such as bathrooms or other areas that have excess moisture. Besides thriving in little sunlight, Peace Lily can grow well in humid environments.

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