6 Terrace Ideas with Cast Bench

 Homiful.comThe terrace is a place that is always passed when you want to enter or leave the house. Besides being located in the front area of the house, the terrace is also on the side and back of the house, depending on how the design of the house. Below are some patio designs and decorations with cast benches that you can imitate and make inspiration. Let's take a look!

Terrace with cast bench in U-letter


The design of the terrace in front of this house uses a permanent cast bench. However, the letter U design on the cast bench on this terrace looks slick with a design equipped with a box planter behind it. Letter U is also said to be able to minimize narrow accents in a place because the design follows the path of the room.

Fresh terrace and the box planter garden


The box planter on the back of the cast bench, allows you to design a garden on this terrace without being confused about finding land. Arrange neatly the plants in the box planter so that the garden looks neat and fresh.

Get freely with a transparent roof in a terrace design


Installing a transparent roof on this part of the terrace is also quite helpful for a comfortable and relaxing place. You can see the outdoor view day or night, on this terrace. Use transparent roofing material that is strong and durable so that the terrace is more comfortable and safe for anyone.

Aesthetic design and decoration of the gray terrace


The gray-white design appears on this minimalist terrace. Although it seems gloomy, you can make the design more attractive by placing other colorful colors such as on the cushion. Or place plants and flowers around the terrace for a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Photogenic spot of the terrace area


This small terrace looks chic and aesthetic and is suitable for use as a place to take photos. In addition to photogenic and aesthetic design, you can make this terrace more functional. By making a bench on this terrace has a double function, namely as a storage place for shoes or sandals.

Complete with an aquarium on the small terrace


Adding a small fish pond or aquarium on the terrace is certainly something worth trying. No need to make a large size, just to taste. Then decorate and arrange the terrace area along with this aquarium neatly for eye-catching and relaxing results.

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