Strange and Unique Succulent You've Probably Never Seen Before - PART 2

Strange and Unique Succulent You've Probably Never Seen Before - PART 2 -- After knowing "7 Strange and Unique Succulent You've Probably Never Seen Before" in part 1 yesterday. This time we bring you some more succulents and cacti with an unusual look! What those are, let's check the details below. There might be some that you never knew were existed!

Varispiralis Cactus (Eulychnia castanea f. varispiralis)


A rather uncommon cactus with a remarkable look in a clockwise spiral motion with sharp spines between the discs, will catch your eyes! This succulent requires excellent drainage and thrives in a sunny location.

Trachyandra Tortilis


You only need to gaze at their alluring curled leaves to fall in love with them. As if their lovely leaves weren't enough, these plants bloom in late winter to early spring with tiny pale pink blooms. 

These succulents have a rather lengthy existence, which makes them ideal for gardeners who become attached to their leafy friends. With correct environmental conditions and general care, you may pass on these things to future generations.

Dinosaur Back Plant (Myrtillocactus geometrizans forma cristata)


This odd type, native to northern and central Mexico, has an entangled clustered look and may grow to an incredible height of 16 feet, making it an amazingly bizarre cactus.

Rainbow Cactus (Echinocereus rigidissimus)


Rainbow Cactus is the cactus for you if you want a truly distinctive specimen. The spines have a red-magenta color that matures to a yellow or light pink color.

Lilliputana Cactus (Blossfeldia lilliputana)


The plant resembles a swarm of little green globes densely packed together with white markings all around. It's not really strange, but it's certainly cute!

Stenocereus Cactus (Stenocereus hollianus cristata)


This kind is unique due to the growth of wave form. The dark purple points mix into the curvature in an unusual way, giving it a bizarre appearance.

Discocactus Horstii


What could be cuter than these small and bloated cacti? Because of their fantastic and easy-going character, they have become extensively grown houseplants all over the world. 

These cacti will look great in any room of your house because to their mesmerizing stems covered in little, somewhat puffy, and white spikes.

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