How to Grow and Care Coleus Indoor More Easily -- Having a plant with beautiful leaves will certainly make anyone feel happy to see it. One of the plants recommended for its leaf beauty is coleus. This plant also has maintenance that tends to be easy so it doesn't make you hassle. To properly care for coleus in the house, check How to Grow and Care Coleus Indoor More Easily.





 Before starting daily maintenance, make sure you prepare the right soil for your plants. For coleus, use soil that is moist, fertile, and has good drainage. Use a potting mix with compost such as perlite. The appropriate pH is slightly acidic to neutral. Avoid using soil that is too dense because it will make the roots unhealthy and difficult to get maximum watering.





Ensuring that the soil is always moist is important to properly care for coleus. Make sure you water appropriately. This is actually not guaranteed as it will depend on your area. To check, insert a finger about two inches into the pot, if the soil has dried out, you can water it. Or you can occasionally soak it for a while in a tray of water and pebbles.





Coleus that are inside the house can be placed near the window because they like indirect bright light. However, keep an eye out during the hot summer months as it might scorch the coleus' beautiful leaves. When deprived of sunlight, coleus will have pale leaves. Place it in a bright area for at least 12 to 16 hours a day.




Fertilizers are less important when you already have fertile soil for coleus. However, if you're not sure, fertilize once a month using a water-soluble fertilizer. Fertilization is done to maximize nutrient intake to the coleus in the pot.


You can also propagate coleus to make every corner of your house colorful. Coleus can be propagated by stem cuttings. Use a sterile, sharp knife 6 inches from the tip. Transfer it to a container until it grows roots and once the roots are strong immediately transfer it to a pot with the ideal soil mixture.





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