How To Care For Monstera Adansonii

How To Care For Monstera Adansonii -- This special, easy to care for vining houseplant might be hard to find, but you've come to the perfect spot! It is known as the Swiss Cheese Vine because of its perforated, pointy leaves with rectangular holes. It grows quickly and enjoys climbing. This bizarre yet lovely plant will add character to any environment while requiring little care to thrive. It couldn't be easier to care for this gorgeous houseplant!



These indoor plants can tolerate low light, but for quicker growth and bigger leaves, supply medium to strong indirect light. You may arrange them next to a north or east-facing window to get more sun, or keep them out of direct sunlight in a south or west-facing window. 



After the soil has almost entirely dried up, Monstera enjoys a nice soak. Water more often throughout the growth season and less frequently during the winter, allowing the soil to almost entirely dry out between waterings. Monstera adansonii requires more regular watering than Monstera deliciosa since its leaves are thinner and store less moisture.



Monstera adansonii prefers nutrient-rich, loose, and well-draining potting soil. Most packaged potting soil combinations will work, but be sure they don't have moisture-retaining crystals. It is critical to allow the soil to dry before properly soaking it.

Temperature & Humidity


Monstera will grow in most home temperatures, although temperatures ranging from 65 to 85°F are optimum. They can live in temperatures as low as 50°F, although the cold prevents growth. Higher humidity levels are beneficial to all Monstera species. 

Adding a humidifier to your room is the greatest approach to enhance humidity. Trays loaded with stones and water can help improve humidity around your plants, as does clustering your indoor plants closer together.



During their active growing season, these houseplants love to be nourished, so use either 14-diluted fish emulsion with iron or 14-diluted complete liquid fertilizer twice a month. In the spring, you may also top-dress your plants with compost (such as worm castings). Throughout the growth season, it will gradually deliver nutrients to the roots.



Monstera adansonii is a rapidly growing plant once established. When given the correct conditions, they may reach astonishing heights of 12 feet or more indoors.

Pro Tips

1. Rotate your monstera to provide a well-rounded, balanced indoor plant.

2. To propagate a new plant, cut under the node (swollen nodule where the leaves and aerial roots grow) when cutting the houseplant!

3. During your care sessions, always inspect the leaves (top and bottom). Examine for unwelcome visitors (pests and illnesses).

4. When re-potting your monstera, use well-draining soil that is high in organic matter.

5. When anchoring your Monstera adansonii, use a solid stake because the leaves and stems can grow heavy.

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