Best Houseplant That'll Fit Your Bathroom Perfectly

Best Houseplant That'll Fit Your Bathroom Perfectly -- You want to add some plants to your bathroom, but you've heard that bathrooms may be tricky to grow plants in. But don't worry. Though bathrooms are not the easiest locations to maintain plants in, it is absolutely possible to grow plants in even the steamiest, darkly lighted bathroom by picking the proper plants and following a few basic procedures.

Devil's ivy


Devil's ivy, called that because it is said to be hard to kill, grows natively in tropical woods and is another lover of humid conditions, making it a great plant for your bathroom. It just requires a gentle watering if the top two inches of soil are dry, and it may be grown in soil or in water vases, and it tolerates both light and gloomy settings.

Boston fern


The Boston fern, Nephrolepis exaltata, and ferns in general are excellent bathroom plants since they thrive in humid environments. Allow any surplus water to drain away after watering to keep the potting mix wet at all times. Boston ferns flourish in medium to bright light and should be positioned away from direct sunshine to avoid scorching the foliage. 

Maidenhair fern


Another popular plant for terrariums and, also, humid bathrooms too. The delicate, lacy leaves of this gorgeous plant contrast nicely with the larger foliage of other plants. Always keep the soil just moist (but not saturated).

Fittonia (nerve plant)


Fittonias have striking veined leaves that are believed to resemble a network of nerves. They prefer humidity and are frequently used in terrariums, so they make excellent bathroom plants. This is a plant that requires more attention; the soil must be maintained evenly moist (but not saturated) at all times.

Monstera deliciosa (Swiss cheese plant)


The Swiss cheese plant, or Monstera deliciosa, is native to tropical rainforests, so it will feel perfectly at home in a humid bathroom, providing a jungly atmosphere. As the leaves age, they develop their unique holey form; ensure that your plant receives enough bright but indirect light to achieve this.

Wipe the leaves down from time to time to keep them glossy and dust-free, and water when the top few centimetres of compost dry out, allowing any extra water to drain away. 

Cast Iron Plant


Cast iron plants, as the name implies, are famously durable and adaptable plants that make excellent fits to bathrooms, especially those with poor lighting. Cast iron plants, which grow 2 to 3' tall, can endure low light and, because they don't require high humidity, can be ideal selections for rarely used guest restrooms.

Hoya carnosa


Hoya carnosa, often known as the wax plant or wax flower, is a beautiful hanging plant. 'Tricolor,' as the name implies, has leaves in three different colors: white, green, and pink. If cultivated in a bright enough location (it may even tolerate a little direct sunlight), it may also produce clusters of wonderfully fragrant blooms that you can enjoy while bathing.

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