All About Peperomia Frost : How to Grow and Care For This Stunning Silvery Leaves

All About Peperomia Frost : How to Grow and Care For This Stunning Silvery Leaves -- Peperomia Frost (Peperomia caperata 'Frost'), also known as Peperomia Silver Frost, is a gorgeous peperomia cultivar that appears to be coated in...frost! It features silvery leaves with a mint green background and darker green veining.

Plant Care Overview


Overall, peperomia plants are quite simple to care for. 

- Light: Medium light levels; too much sun can burn the plant, and too little will result in lanky growth.

- Water: When the soil's top few inches dry out

- Soil: Well-draining, lightweight moisture retention; any houseplant soil will work.

- Temperatures: 60s, 70s, and 80s F; not chilly or frost hardy

- Humidity: Prefers greater humidity levels but can live with average home humidity levels.

- Propagation: A single stem or even a leaf cutting can be used.

- Toxicity: Not known to be poisonous if consumed, but not a plant designed to be ingested.

Growth rate & pruning


While peperomia frost stays tiny, only reaching about a foot tall and broad, it is also a slow growing. Peperomia plants have shallow root systems in usual.  Because the plant has a shallow root system, you may also use it in a dish garden or terrarium setting.

It also doesn't require a lot of pruning. To stimulate healthy new growth, apply an organic diluted houseplant fertilizer to the plant. Otherwise, just cut off leaves when they become blemished or begin to die. This is a normal part of the life cycle of a plant.

Repotting Plants


Peperomias have short root systems since they are epiphytes. They also develop slowly. As a result, this peperomia does not require frequent repotting! You may change the potting mix every couple of years. If it appears to have outgrown its pot, you can move it to a larger pot. Make careful to use a pot with enough drainage!

Flowers and Foliage


Peperomia Frost is a rippling peperomia cultivar. It features round leaves with wavy edges and pointy points. The leaves have a heart shape and are a delicate silvery green with dark green veins. Peperomias produces flower spikes. 

You could notice one and wonder if it's a strange, misformed leaf. Nope! That is how peperomia blooms appear. If there are a lot of flower spikes, consider cutting them off since they might run out the energy of the leaves.

Plant Propagation


Leaf Cuttings

- Take a few healthy leaves and discard them. Only the leaf is required, not the petiole (the little stalk connected to the leaf).

- Using a clean, sharp pair of scissors, cut horizontally through the middle of each leaf.

- Plant the leaves in damp potting media, cut side down.

- Place the leaves in a humid environment with bright, indirect light.

- As the new roots grow, keep the potting media mildly wet. Not soaked but moist.

- New roots and adorable tiny baby plants are beginning to sprout up.

- Remove the young plants from the old cut leaf after they are a few inches tall (they should easily pop off) and plant them in a permanent container.

Petiole/Stem Cuttings

- Cut a few healthy stems. Then, trim the stems so that just a half-inch of the petioles remain connected to the leaves.

- Place the petioles in moist potting soil.

- Place the stems in a humid environment with bright, indirect light.

- As the new roots grow, keep the potting media mildly wet. (Remember, moist, not wet.)

- Once the roots have formed, the cutting may be treated as a normal plant.

Plant Problems and Pest Disease


Overwatering is the most prevalent cause of peperomia death. Overwatering is characterized by leaf drop and yellowing foliage.

Spider mites, mealybugs, and scale are merely a few possible pests. To aid with pest control, prefer to apply Bonide Systemic Houseplant Insect Control on any new plants I bring into my house.

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