7 Most Precious and Rare Philodendron Varieties

7 Most Precious and Rare Philodendron Varieties 

Homiful.com -- A houseplant collection would be incomplete without a few philodendrons. Because they are so simple to care for, these popular houseplants have gained popularity in the indoor gardening community. While many Philodendrons may be obtained in stores, other kinds are so rare that they can only be purchased from dedicated collectors. 

This time, we'll explore the world of tropical Philodendrons and their most rare variants. You may discover a Philodendron to like, from the cute "Pink Princess" to much more precious types.

Philodendron Billietiae (Variegated)


The variegated Philodendron Billietiae is one of the plants on this list that is rare due to its genetic configuration. A standard Billietiae has orange stems and green foliage, but the variegated variant takes it a step further. A variegated Philodendron Billietiae features orange stems and leaves with yellow speckles.

Philodendron Hastatum ‘Silver Sword’


The Philodendron Hastatum, sometimes known as the 'Silver Sword,' is a wonderfully stunning and awe-inspiring plant. Despite being officially green, it sparkles like silver! This philodendron, like a mirror, will have you enjoying its silver-blue reflection all day. 

This plant is endemic to the tropical rainforests of Brazil, where it thrives in low light and damp soil. Despite becoming more frequent in nurseries, the Philodendron Silver Sword is endangered. The majority of Hastatum plants are now cultivated inside or at home.

Philodendron Moonlight


The Philodendron Moonlight is an uncommon species to add to your collection, with its beautiful lime-green leaf and huge growth habit. The Moonlight Philodendron gets its name from the way its leaf appears as it is unfurling; luminous like the Moon, its leaves appear white before becoming green. 

This appealing cultivar has huge leaves that grow in a shrub-like manner and produces red-orange spikes that bloom into flowers. This type, like other Philodendrons, is adapted to tropical environments.

Philodendron Spiritus Sancti


The gorgeous Philodendron Spiritus Sancti is perhaps one of the most, if not the most, rare Philodendron variety on our list. The name alone makes this specimen sound sacred and holy! The Spiritus Sancti is named after the state of Espirito Santo in Brazil. 

It's no surprise that this Philodendron is so rare because it's only found in one area on the entire earth. It is estimated that just around six of these huge plants remain in the wild. Six, indeed!

Philodendron Joepii


The green leaves on this odd-looking Philodendron set it apart. Joepii plant leaves have a broad bottom lobed body, a delicate upper section, and upright rabbit-like ears. Philodendron Joepii grows well in medium, indirect sunshine and well-drained soil. Joepii, like other tropical plants, requires weekly or biweekly watering.

Philodendron Erubescens ‘Pink Princess’


The demand for this Philodendron cultivar contributed to its scarcity. Pink Princesses are marketed in little quantities to the rest of the globe, despite their abundance in Columbia. With so many purchasers and so little supplies, this plant sells out quickly. If you are fortunate enough to obtain this wonderful plant, you will discover that its care is very simple. 

Throughout the day, keep your Pink Princess Philodendron in bright, indirect light. Because this plant loves to develop in the shadow, allow it to rest in the dark after only 3 hours of natural light.

Philodendron Mamei


The Philodendron Mamei, like the Philodendron Hastaum, is a unique species with gleaming leaf. This vining specimen, known as 'Silver Cloud,' has green leaves with silver-like cloud patterns. This uncommon Philodendron variety, discovered deep in the woods of Ecuador in 1883, is also a climber. 

It grows quite quickly because to its large, silvery leaves. This lush green Philodendron, like most others, adores climbing. This particular Philodendron is especially recognized for its ruffled stem, as well as its leaves. With proper care, it may grow to a height of 2 meters and beyond.

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