7 Best Indoor Plants That You've Probably Never Heard Of

 Homiful.comPlants as decorations in dwellings are certainly a pleasant thing. In addition to having many benefits, the presence of plants is also very helpful for those who have problems with decoration. Below are some examples of ornamental plants that you can apply for a beautiful and attractive residence.

Fishbone prayer plants


Has the botanical name Ctenanthe burle-marxii, this ornamental plant looks attractive with the design of its leaves. Having a unique pattern, this plant can be placed in bright, indirect light areas. Water the prayer plant when the topsoil has dried.

Ficus alii


Although it has a simple appearance, this Ficus alii can improve the aesthetics of a dwelling or room. Put this indoor plant in an area of bright, indirect light. Usually, you will find this type of plant in the form of cloth like a braided stem for different results but still beautiful.

Satin pothos


One of the popular and much-loved plants, Satin Pothos is perfect for beginners. In addition to having low maintenance, this plant also grows fast. Place this plant in the bright indirect light area for slick results.

Rabbit's foot fern


Like the indirect light area, this fern is very neat to use as a residential or office decoration. This houseplant is also tolerant of high drought and also does not need to provide periodic watering. This is perfect for beginners who are still learning about ornamental plants.

Peperomia emerald ripple


Peperomia always attracts attention. With its tiny or medium leaves, it is suitable for decoration. In addition, the texture of the leaves certainly helps to improve certain accents in a room.

Hoya obovata


The Hoya plant is one of the plants that is easy to care for and suitable for beginners. Place this plant in a bright light area and also water when the soil is dry as a whole. Hoya or wax plant has small, round, and thick leaves. And they usually grow creeping or elongated, so, you need to install a moss pole or hang for natural curtains.

Peace lily 'Sensation'


Prefer in bright indirect light, Peace Lily can also be tolerant in the medium light area. This popular plant has eye-catching green leaves. In addition, the flowers that bloom from Peace Lily help improve the aesthetics of the room and feel more elegant.

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