Creative and Refreshing Indoor Garden Ideas

Creative and Refreshing Indoor Garden Ideas -- For plant lovers, having their own garden at home is certainly one of the dreams that want to be realized. Some people even want to put a collection of ornamental plants in the house too. For inspiration, you can check out the following "Creative and refreshing indoor garden ideas" below.

Stair Area Garden


You can use the empty staircase area as a place for your favorite houseplants. Like the stairs in this house. Potted plants are neatly arranged on the steps, and also hung on the wall to make it look hanging down beautifully.

Gorgeous Fish Pond


In addition to the garden, you can make a fish pond as a complement. A beautiful fish pond with a fountain will make a calming impression. You can relax with your family in this place, while looking at the beautiful fish and the sound of flowing water.

Pinterest-style Indoor Garden


The next inspiration is to create a minimalist garden with a beautiful and aesthetic design like pinterest. This small garden design in the house is located in the 2nd floor area of the house. In the center is given a sturdy tree trunk, as a place to hang pots of various houseplants. So creative!

Back Terrace 


For those of you who have the remaining land at the back of the house, there is nothing wrong with making a minimalist garden in this place. A neat garden design with a dry garden concept for easy maintenance. Besides being arranged in open shelves, some plants are also hung on the wall, it looks gorgeous and peaceful!

Plants for Interiors


As the name suggests, ornamental plants can also be used as room decoration. In addition to their various health benefits, plants also have many variants with their own distinctive and unique appearance. The size also varies, suitable to be applied in various corners of the room.

Green House-style Minimalist Garden


The next idea is to create a beautiful garden that is quite lush like this. A minimalist garden with a collection of attractive ornamental plants, complemented by a set of comfortable tables and chairs for relaxing. The semi-indoor design is reminiscent of a green house, lovely and refreshing!

Simple Garden in Void Area


Lastly, if you have an empty void area, there's nothing wrong with turning it into a simple, minimalist garden like this one. Two large palm trees in pots, with some additional beautiful plants look neat. The presence of these plants will make the atmosphere of the house feel more alive and fresh.

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