Colorful Retro Interior Design Ideas For An Eye-Cathing Home

Colorful Retro Interior Design Ideas For An Eye-Cathing Home -- The retro style was once very popular back in the day, and even today there are still some who favor this style. It's unique and might make you nostalgic about the past. Who would have thought, "Colorful Retro Interior Design Ideas For An Eye-Cathing Home" could be an interesting inspiration for those of you who love colorful retro and vintage things!

Navy Blue

Living Room

Let's start from this side of the living room first. This living room has the right size with facilities that are quite comfortable. The choice of blue color is used for this room. Various combinations of blue colors can blend well, be it navy blue to bright like aqua. In order not to be monotonous there are also some pink and yellow accents for decoration.

Green Color


Moving on from the living room, we come across this kitchen area. Using a soft green color for the kitchen set. Combined with various earthy tones of wood. Green plants also help to make the atmosphere fresher.

Pink and Lilac


Let's make a more playful color combination. Pink and lilac can be a great choice for the perfect blend. Like on one side of this bedroom. Isn't it so pretty? Look at how the decorations are used too!

Red and White


Are you looking forward to bolder colors? You can try this dazzling red and white color combination. Although it's not entirely red, the red accents are able to liven up the atmosphere of the room. Take a look at how beautiful the color combination in this toilet is!

Darker Color 

Dining Room

The next color inspiration is darker colors. This dining room uses an industrialist style with a beautiful exposed concrete look. This unique retro-themed decoration is what makes the room look more attractive 

Soft Colorful Mural


Besides retro-themed decorations, such as music pieces, albums, paintings, you can also try murals for the walls. An abstract style mural with bright colors will liven up the atmosphere of the room. You can also choose softer colors for your bedroom to make your rest more comfortable.

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