Clean and Cozy Interior Design In Nordic House

Clean and Cozy Interior Design In Nordic House -- Houses with Nordic or Scandinavian designs have characteristics that are very easy to recognize. The simple minimalist style is a characteristic that actually makes Scandinavian houses so much in demand. The following "Clean and Cozy Interior Design In Nordic House" is one example of a simple layout typical of a scandi house. Let's take a look at the details!

Soft Earthy Tone Colors

Living Area

The first thing that can be often noticed from Nordic homes is the selection of color tones used. Most of them use soft neutral colors. This house itself uses earthy tones with a beautiful combination and the right ratio.

Wooden Furniture

Living Area

In addition to the use of earthy color tones, this house also uses a lot of wooden furniture to support the desired 'earthy' look and impression. The furniture models used are all minimalist and simple with a timeless style and of course functional.

Cozy Relaxing Space

Attic Room

In addition to the living room that we have seen before, this house also has another relaxing space located at the end of the room. A cozy design with maximum lighting thanks to the transparent glass roof above. Equipped with a long sofa, a fluffy fur rug, and a hanging swing chair in the corner. A cozy and aesthetic relaxing spot!

Single-line Kitchen Design


The small size of the kitchen space should not stop our creativity in arranging the interior of the room. This house itself has an elongated kitchen area, therefore the kitchen set is neatly arranged with a single line layout. So that the space for movement still feels spacious, while keeping the kitchen neat.

Cute Interiors for Kids Room


Although using earthy color tones that are dominant in brown, beige and white, it does not necessarily make creativity stop. Instead of being stiff and monotonous, the design in this child's bedroom feels creative and fun. Other colors are used as accents only on bed linen and pillows, with white and brown still dominating.

Aesthetic Bathroom


Not only common rooms, rooms such as bathrooms also get attention in the interior design. Matching color interiors with earthy tones combined with white produce a clean and spacious impression. Not many decorations, but the right and simple arrangement like this already looks attractive, right?

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