Care Tips for Pretty and Elegant Alocasia Dragon Breath

 Homiful.comAlocasia dragonbreath belongs to the family Araceae. the appearance that is synonymous with long, lean, and lovely makes Alocasia very popular and widely used as decoration in homes and offices. Alocasia's allure, which has the appearance of an elephant's ear or cupid's arrow and a silvery leaf color, makes the room look fresher. for the treatment of Alocasia, you can listen to the reviews below.



Actually, Alocasia dragon breath is adaptable. They can grow in a range of light from low to bright indirect. But, make sure not to put Alocasia in the lower light levels or get scorching light. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves.



Watering Alocasia when the top soil dries out. But, don't let Alocasia stay dry for more than a day or two. In winter or colder weather, reduce the watering because the plant not actively growing.

Temperature and humidity


As a subtropical houseplant, you can place Alocasia in warmer temperatures. The right is 75 F degrees for the best decision. Then, for humidity, they like to thrive in high humidity, 50% or more.



When Alocasia actively growing, you can get fertilizer in routine. It will help them to push out new growth. And make sure not to fertilize Alocasia when they are dormant or not actively growing.



Even though this houseplant very perfect for decorating houses and offices, Alocasia is toxic for pets. So, you must be rethinking when putting them in a house or place which is have pets.



Tips about Alocasia that you must know:

  • Make sure to clean the leaves and stems to help the plant for photosynthesis and keep them from disease.
  • Remove the flowers that grow in Alocasia, it will help facilitate foliage growth.
  • You can rotate the pot a quarter turn every time water Alocasia.
  • Alocasia likes to be a bit root-bound so there is seldom an urgent need to re-pot.

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