Boho and Plants: Perfect Interior Style For Cozy Home

Boho and Plants: Perfect Interior Style For Cozy Home -- A house as a place to live doesn't just have that purpose. With a little effort, you can get a house with a lovely design to make it feel more comfortable. A boho interior style with the addition of houseplants will be the perfect combination for that! Let's see the details below.

Stunning Houseplants Collection

Dining Room

Plant collections can be a great choice of decorating ideas for your home interior! Not only do plants provide benefits in terms of visual look,  they also have many other health benefits. For example, they can reduce the level of toxic air pollutants and make the atmosphere feel more fresh and lively.

Cute Plant for Windowsill


There are many types of plants that you can make as room decorations. Starting from small, medium, to large, with different styles and vibes too. Don't forget the small corners like this windowsill for an example, you can put some small plant pots to liven up the atmosphere.

Boho Decor

Room Corner

The main point in this discussion is the boho-themed decoration. With a distinctive look, it makes the room more aesthetic. Wall decorations like wicker or rattan would be perfect!

Open Space Concept

Open Space

This house applies the open space concept quite well. With the living room to the dining room made together, it gives a spacious impression to the room. Movement space becomes freer, and room decoration is also more easy. Boho style with greenery in every corner, so gorgeous!

Open Shelf

Kitchen Shelf

Using an open shelving model can also be an option to create a more awesome room decoration look. An open wooden shelf with a collection of spice bottles and various beautiful boho decorations will become an unforgettable corner of the room. Adding hanging plants can also be a smart choice!



An important thing not to miss when you want to use this design style. For a small house, you should still pay attention to the simplicity of the design, so that the small room does not feel full and crowded. 

For example, for this workspace, the simple interior design is only equipped with a set of table chairs, with 2 plants only. Feels cozy isn't it.

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