Best 6 Cool And Unique Houseplants That You Must See To Believe! - Unique and cute houseplants will certainly decorate your home or office. In addition to a different and unique look, this plant also has a beautiful color that will attract a lot of attention. Below are the Best 6 Cool And Unique Houseplants That You Must See To Believe!

Crassula umbella (Wine Cup)


Perfect for decorating houses and offices, it's fairly easy to grow and low maintenance. The appearance of 'Crassula umbella' looks like a bowl that has round leaves that are quite broad and a bright green color with a glossy wax texture on it.

Jewel orchid (Macodes petola)


Native to South East Asia, jewel orchid has a unique appearance and cute patterns on their foliage. Have elliptical leaves, and this houseplant has a dark and glossy green to brownish background. Place this houseplant in bright indirect light and keep consistently watering the soil humid but never wet or soggy.

Albuca spiralis (Frizzle Sizzle Plant)


This houseplant is so cute. Try this one to decorate the house or office that will attract a lot of interest. The appearance of the Frizzle sizzle plant is also fun which is no leaves, but actual spring instead. The foliage has lime green to yellow and they also come on long and thick stems. Include easy grow, this houseplant is perfect to place on a tabletop or around your work table.

Tacca chantrieri (Black Bat Flower)


The flower has a black color which makes it look gothic. And the foliage of this flower is mid-green broad, elliptical, large, and very glossy. Prefer to place them in moderate or even low indirect light. And the flower will bloom in spring and summer.

Lithops (Living Stones)


Look like stones, but this plant is part of succulents. Maybe is weird for the first time you looking at this plant. But, it will make you have different and unique plant collections in your house or office. The various pattern and color is the attraction of these plants. 

Pitcher plant 'Diana's Delight'


One species with fly trap plants, 'Diana's Delight' is a carnivorous perennial that has elegant looks. And this houseplant very exotic and sculptural look that maybe perfect to decorate your office and home. Place them in bright indirect light and get well-drained soil.

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