7 Indoor Tropical Plants To Bring Exotic Feels

7 Indoor Tropical Plants To Bring Exotic Feels 

Homiful.com -- There are many types of plants that you can use to decorate the room. Whether it's a small plant on the table, a hanging plant that creeps, to one that is large enough for the corner of the room. If you love the unique tropical atmosphere, then "7 Indoor Tropical Plants To Bring Exotic Feels" is perfect for your inspiration.

Adansonia (Baobab)


The baobab (Adansonia) is an exotic indoor plant that may grow up to 30 meters tall in its native Africa. However, when planted in a pot, the baobab remains considerably smaller and grows to a maximum height of one and a half metres. 

The baobab tree's striking growth, and its dark green, leathery leaves make it a great eye-catcher. At the same time, the baobab is highly low-maintenance and adaptive, allowing it to withstand even severe neglect.



Tillandsias (Tillandsia) do not require any planting medium and are also known as air plants. Tillandsias thrive on huge trees or shrubs in South America, where their roots keep them in place. Nutrient and water absorption, on the other hand, occurs through the leaves. 

This unique tillandsias can be a great decor: whether as a living mural, hanging plant, or table decoration, tillandsias are always a fascinating sight.

Orchids (Orchidaceae)


One of the reasons the orchid is so popular is its variety: there are an estimated 30,000 orchid species that varies in color and structure. Despite their high maintenance requirements, orchids are welcome guests in any house. 

After all, the lovely flowers bring exotic flare straight from their native jungles into your own four walls. The orchid's beautiful blossoms, in particular, making it an eye-catching adornment for any house. 

Hoya carnosa


The name tells it all: the blossoms of the porcelain flower (Hoya carnosa) are so even and lovely that one would mistake them for porcelain paintings. Only the plant's wonderful aroma tells that this is a real, incredibly attractive houseplant. 

The porcelain flower's quick and ascending growth makes it ideal for use around arches and trellises, where it is a superb eye-catcher even without blooms.



The Alocasia shows that leaves do not have to be present and green all of the time. The Alocasia, also known as arrowroot, is a superb eye-catcher with its elongated, wavy leaves that can easily compete with blooming houseplants in terms of aesthetics. 

Although the Alocasia is still a rare among houseplants, this is not owing to its maintenance: the tropical plant is rather sturdy and easy to care for.

Footstool palm


The perfect vacation has sun, beach, and palm trees. We can't promise sun and sand, but with the footstool palm (Livistona rotundifolia), you can at least provide a tropical touch to your living room. 

With its round pinnate leaves poised on delicate petioles, this exotic houseplant impresses. If you provide a bright, sunny location and adequate care, the umbrella palm will grow here as well. 

String of hearts


The hanging plant has thin stems up to one metre long with elegant heart-shaped leaves with a striking white-silver sheen. If the plant subsequently produces a slew of miniature blooms that vaguely resemble lanterns, it becomes a visual feast. 

The string of hearts is a hanging plant with long branches, but it may also be placed beautifully in tall containers or thread elegantly around trellises.

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