7 Best Easy to Care Plant For Room With No Windows

7 Best Easy to Care Plant For Room With No Windows 


Homiful.com -- Not all rooms in the house/office can get enough sunlight from the window. Sometimes there are some corners of the room that do not have windows at all, for example in homes in densely populated city environments. But don't worry because the following "7 Best Easy to Care Plant For Room With No Windows" can be a decoration that makes your room feel more alive and fresh.

Parlor Palm


The parlor palm is a beautiful houseplant that is also surprisingly easy to care for. The Parlor's biggest feature is that it thrives in low-light environments while also improving air quality. However, a little amount of indirect lighting won't hurt at times. 

Despite being a little bigger plant than your typical tabletop houseplant, it also adapts well to tight surroundings, making it ideal for a tiny office setting.

Bamboo Palm


If you like the beauty of bamboo plants but are sick of their unwillingness to adapt to your surroundings, the bamboo palm is the answer! This adaptive plant doesn't take much care and nevertheless maintains its dark green foliage and upright stature. Add to a rattan planter for a lovely bohemian effect. 

Prayer Plant


This tropical plant, which is also native to Brazil, is easily identified by its beautiful leaves. The tricolor variety is the most popular, having green leaves with yellow splotches and red veins. They can be easily cared for inside the home throughout the seasons, but they prefer green-house conditions and require a lot of humidity to grow. 

Snake Plant


The Snake plant is one of the most simple plants. This popular houseplant not only offers a visually attractive air to an office atmosphere, but it is also very easy to care. It grows just as well on a windowsill in brilliant light as it does in low light. It also doesn't require much water, so it's a win-win deal!

Devil’s Ivy


This stunningly upright plant is ideal for a windowless office. It doesn't mind the shadow and is quite content to thrive without much light. They do, however, need moisture, so if it's going in a home office, make sure it has enough of humidity, and a little misting won't hurt too. 

Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane)


Dumb Cane is a plant that can tolerate a certain amount of neglect and is very adaptable to low light conditions. To some extent, this plant is toxic. The plant contains several minute needle-shaped calcium oxalate crystals, which are exceedingly poisonous. If they come into touch with a human or a dog, they can cause severe illness. 



The Philodendron's looks is that it will easily adapt to the setting of your house. Because it does not require much light to survive, it is an ideal low-maintenance home plant. This low-light plant has enormous green and glossy leaves and is the ideal accent to a windowless workplace.

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