6 Fast Growing Indoor Plant With Stunning Looks

6 Fast Growing Indoor Plant With Stunning Looks 

Homiful.com -- Gardening often needs a lot more patience than we'd prefer. While there is no such thing as an instantaneous plant, there are a few plants that grow a lot faster than an average houseplant! You could include "6 Fast Growing Indoor Plants With Stunning Looks" on your list.



Monstera rarely disappoints when it comes to quick growth. While it may be grown in shadier areas, it seems that it grows most strongly in bright medium light. Monstera plants grow so quickly that they can reach 8 feet in height in less than a year. For rapid development, keep them indoors by filtered east-facing windows and trim often.



Coleus is a fast-growing plant that may be grown from seed and will become noticeably larger after a month of care. For the best results, grow coleus near east-facing windows indoors. This plant has vibrant leaves and hundreds of kinds to select from. Even better, its seeds are simple to plant and will grow in only two weeks.

Creeping Jenny


The creeping jenny spreads quickly and makes a lovely, compact houseplant. It is invasive in Virginia due to its rapid growth and must only be cultivated indoors in pots. The rapid growth rates of this plant are ideal for impatient gardeners. Plus, how can you resist the iconic yellow flowers?

Baby Tears


This plant has small leaves that resembles baby tears. It is a shorter plant than others. It doesn't get much taller than 3 feet, but you'll be surprised how soon it spreads to 6 feet! The tiny leaves make it an excellent hanging plant. Furthermore, it grows so quickly that it will most likely need to be repotted every year or so.

Heartleaf Philodendron


The heartleaf philodendron is a popular indoor plant that grows quickly. When put in bright filtered light, it will grow quickly and reach a length of 5 feet in a year. This plant, sometimes known as the sweetheart plant, has lovely heart-shaped leaves. 

It may be grown as a hanging plant or as a climbing plant with a moss pole, depending on your preferences. But be prepared for its rapid growth rates!

Satin Pothos


Satin pothos is a vine plant that is well-known for its rapid growth. It is a naturally fast-growing plant that will grow even faster if fertilized once a month. Because this plant is slightly toxic to both animals and humans, keep it away from curious kids and pets. To ensure its safety, keep it as a hanging plant. This is also a perfect way to see its fast-growing vines!

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