Sustainable Living with Minimalist Interior Idea, You Can Try!

Sustainable Living with Minimalist Interior Idea, You Can Try! -- The issue of global warming is still a hot discussion that humans need to think about. With all the benefits that nature has given, of course we don't want everything to disappear in an instant, right? Sustainable living can be the right choice to start going green starting from yourself. "Sustainable Living with Minimalist Interior Idea, You Can Try!" here is one of interior idea that might suit you. Let's check it out!

Minimalist Bookshelf


For those of you who like to read books, having a reading spot or personal library is one of your dreams. No need to be extensive, as long as you can store all your book collections, it feels enough. This tiny house has a minimalist bookshelf design. Not in a special cabinet, but using wooden shelves attached to the wall. Its location in the corner also makes the room not feel crowded, it can even be a decoration at the same time.

Maximizing The Space

Down stairs Area

There is nothing better than maximizing the space available in a tiny house. The House has enough space under the stairs. This Area then functioned as a relaxation room. The soft velvet navy Sofa, complete with carpet and coffee table, is enough to make it comfortable.

Houseplant for Decoration


Each plant has its own benefits and characteristics. Many plants can be used to reduce pollutants in the air, and make the environment healthier. Plants also have their own characteristics that make them look charming, therefore plants can also be used as decorations that make the room more lively.

Many Windows

Window Seat

Having many windows at home does not only beautify the appearance of the house from the exterior angle. But windows also have many advantages. Windows are not only useful for ventilation, but also can maximize natural light to enter the room. The room is so bright, and can be more energy efficient!

Trendy Model but Timeless


The choice of furniture model has a great influence on the interior of the room. Because furniture models and concepts can determine how the impression of a room. For minimalist living, choose modern furniture with a simple and timeless design. No need to change furniture regularly, more efficient!

Reason to Buy

Living Area

Who says minimalist living is boring? Actually, there are many advantages that can be obtained. Minimalist living will awaken us to the value of goods, we become more careful before buying. Is the model suitable, the material is strong? How long can it last? And there are other reasons you may not have thought of.

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