Stunning Colorful Interior Design Idea With Houseplant: Summer Vibe Edition

Stunning Colorful Interior Design Idea With Houseplant: Summer Vibe Edition -- The atmosphere of summer gives a cheerful, warm and colorful vibe. Have you ever thought about creating a summer-themed home decor? Imagine how cheerful and charming it will be! "Stunning Colorful Interior Design Idea With Houseplant: Summer Vibe Edition" below can be an inspiration that is not to be missed. Let's check it out!

Charming Mural

Wall Mural

One option that you can choose to redecorate a room is to add wallpapers or even create a mural. Designing a mural with flowers and nature themes that are beautiful, yet colorful, will make a difference in the atmosphere of your room! Choose a corner or side of the wall that can be more visible, such as this empty wall next to the kitchen set and dining room.

Cozy Bedroom


Summer vibe is all about vibrant colors, if designed with the right ratio, it will be very suitable for any room. This colorful bedroom still feels comfortable. Don't you see how beautiful the flowers on the wall mural are, matching the colors of the pillows and furniture? It's so pretty!

Rustic Decor

Living Room

Who would have thought that these bright colors would go so well with rustic and vintage decor. The selection of pastel colors that are bright but also calm, fits perfectly with the brown color of the rustic decoration. The color mix-and-match also looks harmonious, and not tacky.



After rustic decorations, you can also see plant decorations. This collection of indoor plants looks beautiful, whether in pots, hanging, or creeping. Not only does it make the room more beautiful, each plant also has its own advantages, such as filtering air pollutants. The space will be healthier and more beautiful at the same time!

Multifunctional Furniture


To decorate a room, you don't just need expensive furniture that looks beautiful and luxurious. The function of the furniture is also very important, especially for small houses. Choose furniture with a timeless and functional model, so that it remains beautiful and saves enough budget.

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