Romantic and Unique Boho Style for Cozy Interior Idea

Romantic and Unique Boho Style for Cozy Interior Idea -- Boho or bohemian style is usually identic with a unique and slightly eccentric look. The combination of asymmetrical shapes and bold motifs is the appeal of this style. What if the boho style is applied to the interior of the house? The following "Romantic and Unique Boho Style for Cozy Interior Idea" is one of the best ideas that worth to try!

Bold Style

Living Room

The boho theme in the interior of the room is one unique idea that is very worth trying. The bold style with various motifs and patterns is a highlight that will make the room so eye-catching. Look at the pattern of the floor rug in this living room, very colorful! Even though it is combined with different motifs, it doesn't feel strange at all.

Plants Collection


Plants are one of the ideas worth trying for interior decoration of a room. Not only do plants give a natural and beautiful look, they also have their own benefits. Seeing a green atmosphere will also lift your mood. If you're not used to it, you can choose indoor plants that are easy to care for. How is it, interested?

Mini Library

Mini Library

If you love reading, having your own library is definitely a dream. Even in a small space, you can create a small library like this. Whether it's a shelf or cabinet, you can customize it to suit your space. For the style, you can make it more comfortable with bean bags, carpets, and ornamental plants around it. It would be great if it's close to a window to view the scenery around.

Mix With Tropical Style


The boho style, which is quite eccentric, will also be very suitable when combined with the tropical style. Like in this bedroom. Looking fresh with tropical style, the beautiful wall wallpaper is combined with the plants around it. Then the selection of colorful and asymmetrical bedcover patterns is perfect for a charming room look.

Romantic Feels 


There's no denying that lighting is important to create ambience of a room. This small bathroom, equipped with a bathtub, has a beautiful design with a collection of plants. The decoration with warm-tone lights creates a romantic and soothing atmosphere. Soaking in warm water with a bathbomb and fragrant soap, can be a way to recharge after daily activities.

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