Interior Ideas for Tiny and Minimalist Homes with Cute Pastel Colors

Interior Ideas for Tiny and Minimalist Homes with Cute Pastel Colors -- Not everyone can afford to buy a large house to live in. But there are also those who prefer small houses. Arranging a small house is not too difficult if done with care. The following "Interior Ideas for Tiny and Minimalist Homes with Cute Pastel Colors" can be an inspiration for those of you who have a small home.

Small Living Room

Living Room

This house has a small living room as seen in the picture above. The right arrangement makes the facilities complete. Equipped with an L-shaped sofa, led TV, to a small fireplace that makes you relax comfortably here. There is also a large window as a source of natural light and air ventilation.

Cozy Corner


Although small, this living room is also equipped with a small fireplace in the corner area of the room. Furnished with a comfortable single arm chair, complete with a coffee table, it is a cozy corner to relax. Have a cup of coffee or read your favorite book, whatever you prefer.



For a small bedroom, you should choose furniture with the right size. A queen-sized spring bed may be suitable and just right for a couple. The design of this room is also minimalist with no excessive decorations. 

Work Space

Work Space

The bedroom also comes with a small workspace in the corner. It's not too big but it's comfortable for studying or working. With minimalist furniture, this area looks simple and neat. 

Laundry and Storage Room

Laundry Room

Not only does it require a minimalist and simple model of furniture, but a minimalist house also requires maximum arrangement to every side and corner of the house. This house has a multifunctional room design, as shown in the picture. In addition to the kitchen and mini bar, this corner also functions as a laundry room and storage. The arrangement is also neat thanks to the cabinet that has plenty of storage space.

Dining Room

Dining Room

The choice of soft colors for this room creates a warm and cheerful impression. The pastel colors blend well so that it does not create excessive contrast that makes the room feel full and crowded. In fact, this white color makes the room feel more spacious even though it is not.

Warm Lighting


Not only the selection of colors, the selection of lighting colors also has a considerable influence. The selection of lights with white color will make a cool impression, while the yellow color is warmer. Therefore, adjust it to the ambience you want.

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