Industrialist Modern Interior Style with a Cool Design

Industrialist Modern Interior Style with a Cool Design -- Industrial design style can be a cool choice of modern home design ideas. The unfinished look is the main point that characterizes this design style. The following "Industrialist Modern Interior Style with a Cool Design" will bring interesting inspiration about stunning home interior design. Let's check it out!

Modern Facade of a Multi-storey House

Private Pool with View

Usually, the industrialist style can be found in home designs with more than one floor. This house also has more than 1 floor, so it can make this large balcony area. Then not only the usual balcony, here there is a small private pool, suitable for relaxing during sunset while enjoying the beautiful scenery. 

Wooden Furniture

Dining and Kitchen Area

The use of all-wood furniture is characteristic of industrialist houses as well, in addition to using iron and concrete materials of course. Here we can see how this kitchen and dining room are using wooden furniture. From the kitchen set, kitchen island, to the high bar stools, all of it use wood finishing as the main material. 

Large Window


With a typical modern design, this house has many large windows. Large windows have many benefits for the house. It is perfectly enough to provide maximum natural light for each room. The window design with large glass also makes the house look cleaner, more attractive, and elegant. 

Open Space 

Open Space

The use of open space design is also not separated from the cool side of this house. With this, the room feels more spacious and wide, you can do activities more freely. Whether in a small or large house, the open space concept is perfect for all types of houses.

Minimalist Design

Elegant Design

Aside from being cool and futuristic, this house also looks minimalist in a more modern way. It can be seen from the following staircase design. Black iron framework and railing, with wooden steps with a floating design, a perfect match!

Unfinished Looks

Living Room

The most important characteristic of an industrialist home is its unfinished look. With the design of brick, concrete and exposed iron, it makes for a unique combination. This style of design is perfect for those of you who like a minimalist, simple, yet stylish and modern look. 

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