Fresh Vibe with a Trendy, Tropical-style House Design Idea

Fresh Vibe with a Trendy, Tropical-style House Design Idea -- There are many concepts that can be used to design your home to be more charming. From classic, modern, luxurious, minimalist, to unique, customize it to your taste. If you like modern home designs that are unique and distinctive, maybe the following "Fresh Vibe with a Trendy, Tropical-style House Design Idea" can be an inspiration for your dream home! Let's check it out.

Tropical Vibes

Facade Design

This house is built with 2 floors. For the main concept, this house looks minimalist but also modern. The fresh atmosphere of the tropics can also be felt. A unique shape with an asymmetrical facade, the combination of using exposed bricks adds a unique traditional impression to the secondary skin of this house.

Romantic Feels at Night

Facade Design with Lighting

In the evening, the exterior lighting of this house actually makes the house feel elegantly modern. The choice of warm lights, not only gives the impression of homey and warm, but also romantic. Various types of lighting can make the facade look more dimensional and very luxurious.

Void Area 

Living Room

With a total of 2 floors, this house leaves a large void area. Living room with voids, with a high roof design typical of tropical houses in general. Making the atmosphere of the room fresher because the air circulation is very well. In addition, the design of the house with many windows also brings in natural light more optimally.

Rustic Style for Decor and Furniture

Dining Room

Tropical style is also identic with traditional rustic decor, which is also commonly referred as vintage style. Unique rustic-style decorations are the right choice if you want to create a fresh tropical impression. Starting from furniture, you can choose with wood materials, it's better if there is a combination of wicker. Look at this dining room, although simple but very cozy, right?

Cozy Bedroom


The tropical atmosphere is also very much felt in the bedroom. Wooden furniture for the bed, with a wider design. The beautiful beige walls match perfectly with the warmwhite lights and wicker decorations. The selection of yellow bedcovers and potted ornamental plants also makes the room feel more alive.



A tropical atmosphere is incomplete without a collection of distinctive ornamental plants. The terrace of this house has a semi-outdoor design with a small garden in front of it. The garden is filled with a collection of tropical plants that make the atmosphere even fresher. The transparent roof canopy also makes it look even more charming!

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